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Spoilers, spoilers, SPOILERS!!!

The fall premier season is upon us, and Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is just two episodes in and already this season is shaping up to be great. Daisy (formerly "Sky") has settled into her role as Coulson's super powered S.H.I.E.L.D protege and, accompanied by Mack, leads the charge in finding more Inhuman recruits after it was revealed last season that Daisy is indeed an "Inhuman" with the ability to create vibrations.. we are introduced to a new Inhuman with the ability to melt metal merely by being in it's vicinity, and we are introduced to a mysterious, quite mutated Inhuman baddie that will presumably be tied to this season's main arc.

Coulson is appearing a bit more casual losing the suit for a more tactical spy look, and also sporting a new mechanical left hand due to the effects of contact with a Terrigen Crystal and consequently losing the appendage in an emergency amputation by fire ax in last season's finale.

OUCH! Poor Phil...
OUCH! Poor Phil...

The rest of the team members are busy with his or her own assignments. Bobby and Hunter's relationship is on the mend, and with both characters alignments in sync, they are better than ever. Hunter has headed off to recruit Mae, who has not returned from time off, for a special assignment to hunt down and eliminate Ward as the former ally has begun new recruitment for Hydra.

Fitz, in episode one of season three, searches far and wide for information on the monolith, trying to discover a way to save Simmons. He has hypothesized that it is actually a black hole or portal, based on sand that predates the age of earth by a billion years found in the containment vessel of the monolith after it is activated nearly claiming Fitz as well. As he and the team discover a mysterious secret lab (S3E2) and the means to activate the monolith, they are able to save Simmons, just barely, and return with her as the monolith shatters.

These events lead one to ask...

Where Did the Monolith Go?!

Fitz does in fact mention he believes the monolith brings one to another world. Is it possible it is the ancient seed planet of the Cree? Or is the location of this new world actually of an extra-dimensional nature?

To make the best estimate as to where the monolith portal went, where the series is headed this season, and how it will undoubtedly lead into Captain America: Civil War, we'll start with this seasons climax; Civil War. Briefly, the Civil War arc will be centered around a divide in the Superhero community. One side of the conflict is lead by Tony Stark: those that believe strict regulation and registration is the only way to deal with the rise in super powered individuals. Then there is the side lead by Steve Rodgers that believes heroes should not be forced into working for the government or imprisoned, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe appears to have added a element of the sinister variety with the inclusion of dissections and experimentation of the Inhumans.

In the comics, the many super powered villains and those that oppose regulation are kept in an prison in a dimension named the "Negative Zone," which was discovered, in the Marvel Comics, by Reed Richards in Fantastic 4 #51(1966). It is a major location for the events of Civil war, and the anti-registration team struggles launch an all out offensive at the climax of the event to free those that are being held there.

It isn't obvious who owns the rights to the term "Negative Zone," be it Marvel or Fox. In the recent reboot of Fantastic 4, Reed does discover this strange dimension, but he never names his discovery, therefore it may be asumed that Marvel retains the rights to the name and also that the world that Fitz and Simmons were transported to will be the MCCU's version, whether or not they refer to it as the "Negative Zone."

NOTE: It should be mentioned that the "Negative Zone" is so named because all matter within it is negatively charged, rather than positively as in this reality. This may or may not come into play within the MCCU.

The Cinematic Universe

As far as Marvels Cinematic universe is concerned, the monolith could in fact be just one of many "portals." For the purposes of this version of Marvel, it is possible that the world Fitz and Simmons were in is actually one of the nine realms. Hel, specifically. There are many forms of this realm and is sometimes split into sub realms, but it is consistently the land of the dead throughout most of Marvels canon.

Crude Map of the Nine Realms by Dr. Selvig (THOR)
Crude Map of the Nine Realms by Dr. Selvig (THOR)

This world also looks eerily similar to Svartelfheim, in Thor 2, the home of the dark elves.

Thor 2: The Dark World
Thor 2: The Dark World

Whether it is our own version of the "Negative Zone," the distant Cree homeworld, Svartelfheim, or a completely different world all together, Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D looks as if this season will change things within the MCCU for sure!


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