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Raoul Horroronscreen

Here is a little timeline I had fun doing wit my mates at Horror on Screen.

These should gather the 50 most important directors from the 1920's up until now. It turns out there are 53 and we were not able to choose between them!

It includes the most important horror work for each directors (so not necessarily all the movies - for example John Carpenter has done way too many to list them all). We tried to do it in a timeline style, but it turned out a nightmare, because some directors like Wes Craven have released horror classics from the 1970's up to the 2010's (only his death could stop him basically - RIP buddy).

Now, I know what you are going to say: "Hell, there isn't a single woman in that chart"... and you'll be right to say so. I was amazed myself!

I assure you that I have nothing against woman - but I just couldn't find one that deserves to be in there instead of a these 53 dudes. Mary Lambert and The Soska Sisters are the closest it came to making it - but they both lack a second cult movie to make it in.

Anyway, I hope you guy enjoy that piece of work! Please share the hard work.


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