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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is weirdly cool. The best part of it is the easter eggs, the secrets. The world is is insane to see some sort of official video from the upcoming magnum opus, [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409). Officially, we had no video from Civil War, other than the leaked footage from some cons (which is barely half a minute,where nearly 10 seconds went for showing up the title). But clever Marvel has secretly shown us some footage from Civil War, in one of the released films. It is ........


Remembered? The post credits scene from Ant Man! It shows some some sort of progress in memory of Winter Soldier,who is locked up in a warehouse by Cap and Falcon. They talked about some accords and Cap thought of informing it to Tony Stark,but Falcon denies.Cap clarifies that they are on their own. And then Falcon suggests Cap that he knows a guy, who definitely (or atleast most probably) Antman. That would be a good way to introduce Antman in Civil War. But they key point is this scene contains some information,which might make a huge impact on Civil War. Cap and Falcon state that they are doing something on their own, not letting Tony's hands on it. I am not saying that point will start the Civil War, but it will add to the fire.

This scene might be right from Civil War. I mean, it is not a tease of an upcoming character, or some love scene, or having a meal after a deadly day scene. So, this scene might be a clip from Civil War.

This is not the first time it happened.

We saw a clip from Thor in Iron Man-2 post credits.

That was a cool post credits scene. One of the best ever. But actually it was a clip from Thor. Also involvement of Phil Coulson is always fascinating.

We saw a clip from The Avengers in the post credits of Captain America: The First Avenger.

Cap beating the shit of a boxing bag was cool,but it was a direct scene from The Avengers.

We saw some other post credit scenes which were not direct clips but some scenes which connected the upcoming films like Nick Fury in Iron Man (best of all), The Collector in Thor: The Dark World, Loki's connection to The Avengers in Thor and multiple shots of the mad titan THANOS.

Source for some pics:


Do you think that Antman post credits is a direct clip from Civil War?

So, that's it friends. Thank you very very much for reading my article. Hope that you had good time reading it. Once again Thank You very much :)

The big bad we have been waiting for!
The big bad we have been waiting for!

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