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It's simple mathematics.
Esteban Cepero


Last week's episode of AMC's The Walking Dead left viewers completely stunned. The episode titled 'Thank You' leads you to thinking the unthinkable could truly happen. By the ending, fans were left in doubt and some were accepting the fate of the much loved Korean pizza delivery boy, Glenn. Is he really gone? As a fan of the show and the comics myself, I'm a bit doubtful also. Anything can happen at this point!

So with that intense ending taking place, why not watch a compilation of some Walking Dead fans react to it? This is going to be sad, but kind of funny at the same time!

Be honest, you were exactly like that too, we all were. Hopefully The Walking Dead doesn't lose fans if Glenn is officially confirmed deceased. I highly doubt that will happen though. Even since The Walking Dead is in its sixth season, it's way too early to kill off such a major character like Glenn. Do you really expect him to die from just a horde of Walkers? For a Walking Dead legend, he needs to go out in a different and more epic way! That death doesn't do justice to the character.


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