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It's been 29 years since this 1987 hit theaters! The live-action motion picture brought many iconic characters of the 70s and 80s to life on the big screen. Out of this world special effects are what defined this movie helped it become a premier example of the sci-fi and fantasy genre. Being considered competition to George Lucas' franchise Star Wars which reached its height around the same time, Masters of The Universe was unsuccessful at the box office.

If you've never seen the film before, check out the trailer right here!

After 29 years has past, let's see how the cast looks now!

Dolph Lundgren/He-Man

Age during filming: 29

Current age: 57

Before Masters of The Universe, Lundgren's acting career actually began when he was featured in the classic film Rocky IV and 1985 film A View To A Kill. He's also played major roles in other blockbusters such as: The Expendables 1, 2, and 3, The Punisher, Universal Soldier, and Skin Trade.

Courteney Cox/Julie Winston

Age during filming: 22

Current age: 51

Courteney is well-known from the hit T.V. series Friends portraying 'Monica Gellar' in the 90s. She's also played an iconic role in the popular Scream horror franchise. Currently, she's been featured in the film Just Before I Go, and the 2009-2015 T.V. series Cougar Town.

Frank Langella/Skeletor

Age during filming: 49

Current age: 77

Frank has been featured in numerous classic blockbusters such as: Dracula, The Twelve Chairs, The Mark of Zorro, Diary of a Mad Housewife, The Wrath of God, and The Deadly Trap. Most recently, you've probably seen Frank in Robot and Frank, Superman Returns, Draft Day, Frost/Nixon, and Unknown.

James Tolkan/Detective Lubic

Age during filming: 55

Current age: 84

Often being cast as a bald-headed authority figure, James was featured in the fan favorite sci-fi film trilogy Back to The Future. A year before Masters of The Universe, he also made an appearance in the 1986 film Top Gun.

Christina Pickles/Sorceress

Age during filming: 51

Current age: 80

Alongside Courteney Cox, Christina also played a role in the 90s T.V. series Friends. She has also starred in films such as: Legends of The Fall, Romeo + Juliet, The Wedding Singer, and Sol Goode.

Meg Foster/Evil-Lyn

Age during filming: 38

Current age: 67

Meg Foster has played roles in other films such as: They Live, The Lords of Salem, The Emerald Forest, The Scarlet Letter, The Osterman Weekend, and Leviathan.

Chelsea Field/Teela

Age during filming: 29

Current age: 58

Chelsea started her acting career with her first TV role on Airwolf, then later starred in the film Perfect. She also starred in The Last Boy Scout, and Flipper.

Jon Cypher/Man-At-Arms

Age during filming: 55

Current age: 83

Jon's acting career began in the 1957 classic film Cinderella. He has starred in 80s and 90s T.V. series such as: Major Dad, and Hill Street Blues.

Anthony De Longis/Blade

Age during filming: 37

Current age: 65

Actor, stuntman, fight choreographer, and whip master Anthony De Longis has starred in Fearless, and The Circle of Iron.

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