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It has been quite some time since I have posted on here. so thank you to anyone who is actually reading this!

In this article i'll be giving you guys an update on the Tokyo Ghoul inspired series on youtube which has now finally aired its very first episode of the season.

PLOT: The show is about a young boy named Shenny who's parents have been involved in a mysterious 'Mincmeat Murder' along with other locals around the city. One day Shenny bumps into a group of teenagers beating up a kid. When Shenny tries to help the boy things turn for the worse and he is betrayed by the one he tried to help. And after certain circumstances Shenny's life is turned upside down as he learns of Flesh eating Empowered beings lurking in the darkness of his city.

There have been changes to the cast and a lot more so here it goes.


Andre Beswick - Hunter Jones

George Morley - Shenny Williams

Tom Chalk - Riley Harper

Aldous Squire - Roy Grimm

Brandon Massia - Jay Allen

Romani Wright - Hayley Fa'ull

Savanah Rae - Leona West

Aisha Oduffin - Sophia Walker

David Daisly - Mordecai Reeper

Alicia Alvarez - Joan Reeper

Abdul Isse - Ender

Ray Taheri - Marcus

And more.

The show will go on for 1 season with 10 episodes. The Writer/director Andre Beswick is unsure of a second season.

"Depends on how well the first season goes and not to mention filming times with the actors".

The full first episode for London: Empowered aired on Wednesday the 8th October 2015. A new episode will air every Wednesday.

And finally here is the full episode for the Tokyo Ghoul based/inspired youtube series London: Empowered.

Hope you enjoyed the article and enjoyed the show.

Tune into the 'Skool Boyz' youtube channel every Wednesday to see a new episode in the series!!!

Please leave any comments i would love to hear what you think about the show!


Did you enjoy the first episode of London: Empowered


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