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To be frank, there isn't a difference between nerds and superheroes. In my opinion, they are one in the same - as long as the 'nerd' you are talking about is a nerd who is into comic books. But why is this qualification so? Why does society not recognize it?

Where Does He/She Get Their Power From?

Sometimes being a nerd can be overwhelming.
Sometimes being a nerd can be overwhelming.

The saying 'practice makes perfect' is regularly used in society and especially when growing up and you're learning a musical instrument. You are told, 'If you continue to do the song over and over again, you will learn it and it will be second nature to you.' So why is it any different with reading? It's not. If someone is exposed to a good quality or practice on a regular basis it would be assumed that the reader will eventually pick up the same qualities and would want to put those into action.

Now I'm not saying that these people run into a burning building or jump from structure to structure but rather, they recognize what is the right or moral decision should be.

They may not realize that they are doing the right thing and therefore it has become a subconscious thing.

Why Are They Not Famous?

Sometimes you have to be a bit of a secret nerd.
Sometimes you have to be a bit of a secret nerd.

Well, famous may be the wrong word, but why is it that nerds are often the outcasts in society? Well because it is strange to the rest of the population. The perfect comparison is the X-Men. These kids/young adults have strange abilities that nobody, including themselves, understand however when it comes to the grind, they knuckle down and help the people who insult them. Nerds are the same; we will try and make friends with the people who are most opposite to us, we will often look over the wrongs they do to us, but similarly, we will do what needs to be done.

More often than not, the nerd is the outcast. However, with the changing times, their lifestyle is becoming more and more accepted. And in this, I am not talking about the 'nerds' I fondly call, 'movie fan nerds' - referring to the people who have solely seen comicbook movies. I'm talking about the ones who have grown up reading comics or even the ones who have been reading comics for a short while.


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