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With the first season of AMC's 'Fear the Walking Dead' over, here is why I think it's just as good as 'The Walking Dead'.

1. It's A Prequel

First we have the fact that it's a prequel. Now this is a good thing for several reasons, one of them being that we get to see what civilization was like before everything started. In [The Walking Dead](tag:201193) we don't get much of how the world use to be and I think it's great that we get to see it so we can compare the two better. From seeing people rampage in the streets to seeing people rushed out of their homes, this prequel concept is very unique and interesting. Yes this show may have only grabbed some attention because of the fame of the Walking Dead but who's to say that's not a good thing? It payed off if you ask me.

2. Characters

Next we have the characters. One of the biggest complaints people have about this show is how the characters seem boring and uninteresting and it's safe to say that BUT, what about when the Walking Dead came out? Was Carol interesting? What about Daryl? Was he interesting? I think it's safe to say, no they weren't. The point is character development, something a show like this is good at and I'm sure with time you'll love these characters just like you love the characters on the Walking Dead.

3. Story

Now we have the story. One of the main things each movie and show must have is a good story, and I think [Fear the Walking Dead](tag:1117438) has a great one. As mentioned before, the prequel concept makes this show interesting and it affects the story as well. Instead of seeing someone wake up into an apocalypse, we get to see someone's view of it from the beginning and I think that makes for a great story and great opportunities. Lets not forget Rick's group is still out there in this story and I think that opens a lot of doors for this show.

What do YOU hope to see on Fear The Walking Dead?
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