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Superhero movies are the new fad in the movie genre nowadays as they rule the box-office numbers. What gets the audiences on the edge of their seats guessed it, the fight scenes. Over the years we have gotten some spectacular fight scenes in superhero movies, with some being thrilling and others being visual epics. Down below are a list of the greatest fight scenes in superhero movies ever.

10) The Dark Knight Rises- Batman vs. Bane (1st fight).

The first meeting between Batman and Bane sent chills down my spine. Batman in this fight scene truly looked like he was outmatched physically and mentally by the superior opponent, Bane. Nolan did a great job making you feel like whatever Batman threw at Bane was to no avail and whatever Bane threw at Batman just felt crushing. Nolan's fight scenes in the trilogy were far from the best choreographed ever or even from an action perspective overall, but it had intensity and provoked a sense of emotion that very few fight scenes can accomplish nowadays.

9) Spider-Man- Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin Final Fight.

Sam Rami's Spider-Man is definitely a superhero classic that will never grow old and will be looked at as a go to guide on how to make a successful superhero film. But critiquing Spider-Man is not the subject right now; the subject is the final fight scene between Spider-Man and his famous foe Green Goblin. The fight scene really does a great job at making Spider-Man look vulnerable as he gets beat to a pulp by Goblin. He is screaming, bleeding, and is in serious pain while trying to fight off the Green Goblin and his superior combat prowess. That's not even to mention how great this fight scene is from a film perspective. The realism and grit as you hear and feel every punch being thrown and every kick being landed, the sound of the webbing being torn down by Goblin, the intensity of the two fighters, and the tension from the lack of background music are all elements that make this fight a classic.

8) Blade-Opening Fight Scene.

Don't we all love Wesley Snipes as Blade? Blade isn't given enough credit for kickstarting the superhero genre again with the peculiar vampire slayer slaying vampires left and right as usual. Blade opened up with a bang with a underground party with a bunch of vamps dancing to some trance music; that is until the half-human, half-vampire slayer crashed the party and kicked all types of ass. The fight scenes, along with the music had some type of groove to it that you just can't ignore. I mean we all love fist-pumping Blade right?

7) V for Vendetta-Final Fight Scene

This moment right here is the epitome of badassery. This scene showed that the character, V, is more than just a man in a costume playing Robin Hood, but an idea that strives for the freedom of the people and against government oppression. He takes out soldiers left and right with ease. Even though he been multiple times still not bowing down and fighting for what right. The movie is underrated and this fight scene is underrated and it definitely deserves a spot on this list at number seven.

6) Daredevil-Hallway Fight Scene.

I got a lot of crap for not putting Marvel's Daredevil hallway fight scene in my last list, so this time I'm making sure I don't make that same mistake again. I can see for good reason why people wanted me to include this in my last list as it really is just an overall good fight scene for a superhero show, heck any type of show period. It is directed in one shot and one after one you just see Daredevil take care of thugs punch by punch, kick by kick even in not the best of conditions. For many, this moment is what defined the hit Netflix series as it showed the gritty intensity that had never been shown before in a superhero television show. I mean when I first saw it I couldn't believe how well choreographed and directed it was, especially since it was all in one take. It was just pure nuts!

5) The Incredible Hulk- Hulk vs. Abomination.

HULK SMASH, right? The Incredible Hulk delivered a fight scene to remember as it was truly an epic battle between two monstrous behemoths going head to head in an all out brawl in New York City. Hulk toughness was truly put to the test as the Abomination gave him his money's worth. It did a great job during some points of the battle in terms of making the Hulk seemed outmatched by the skill and determination of the Abomination; we weren't just seeing Hulk effortlessly win battles. This time, he was fighting an opponent that was his equal...maybe even his superior in some cases. But the madder Hulk gets, the stronger he becomes right? Well that feat sure came in handy during critical moments of the fight. This scene was undoubtedly eye candy.

4) Captain America: Winter Soldier- Captain America vs. Winter Soldier.

Captain America: Winter Soldier really put the Captain America character on the map with his all- American blue cheese attitude. When I saw the fight scenes of this movie I thought to myself this is how Batman should fight on the movie screen. Anyway, Winter Soldier was an overall good movie but what stood out was the fight scenes. Now there were many good fight scenes in the film, but what really stood out to many was the fight between good ol' Captain America and newcomer assassin Winter Soldier. What makes this fight so special (other than the awesome choreography) is the connection between two former best friends who don't there fighting each other. The Winter Soldier (Real name: Bucky) is basically a murderous mirror to Captain America. They go toe to toe with one another with even Bucky having an edge in some parts of the fight, until of course Steve Rogers gets his handy dandy shield and is able to survive the onslaught. Then of course the big reveal comes...

3) Spider-Man 2- Spider-Man vs. Doc Ock Train Fight.

Spider-Man 2 is hailed as one of the greatest superhero movies ever and this fight scene definitely shows why. Spider-Man fought Doc Ock multiple times in the movie but the famous train fight no doubt takes the cake. The epic score from Danny Elfman makes this fight scene even more impactful as Spider-Man and Ock brawled like a pair of wolves. Spider-Man uses his agility and reflexes to avoid Doctor Octavious' killer mechanical arms while getting a few good hits in here and there. But what is so notable about this scene is this is when Spider-Man returns from hiatus after initially giving up on playing the role of hero. Seeing him go straight for Ock in epic fashion is so awesome to see.

2) Man of Steel- Superman vs. Zod.

Sorry guys for putting in two videos of the fight, but there wasn't a full fight of the clip all together in one video and if there was it was in bad quality. Anyhow, Man of Steel was a critically divisive film among audiences but one thing that everyone seems to agree on was the spectacular fight scenes in the movie. Superman fighting Zod was not only a visual masterpiece but a very intense fight scene between two fellow Kryptonians. Zod's chilling speech to Superman promising him that he will kill every last human on earth because of Superman destroying the last possible chance of a new Krypton is just straight up cold! Metropolis is ground zero for one of the most destructive superhero battles in superhero movie history as massive amounts of destruction are being caused left and right. Zod tells Superman the only way this fight will end is if one of them ends up dead. The fight scene was controversial as a whole and no matter how you feel about it, it is a must have on any superhero fight list.

1) Avengers- Avengers vs Chitauri.

The Avengers usually fights The Dark Knight as the greatest superhero movie ever. Regardless of which one you think it is, there's no debate as to what is the greatest superhero fight scene of all time. The final fight scene in Avengers is in many ways iconic as audiences got to be blown away by the fact that all these heroes were in a movie together for the first time in movie history. It was an iconic scene that will forever put a stamp on the superhero genre.

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