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This is the latest rumour that Jordan is poised to play the infamous bounty hunter Bobba Fett in the standalone Star Wars Spinoff. As some of you might know Josh Trank was meant to direct a Star Wars Spinoff but there was no information at the time as to what the movie was about. However, it was widely reported that it was a Bobba Fett movie as confirmed by The Wrap's Jeff Sneider. Although Trank was fired from the project (makes sense as to why Jordan was casted) Jordan is still involved in some capacity. With Sneider's sources, which does hold weight, Sneider does not usually get his information wrong.

Could Jordan be playing Bobba Fett?

Now we know that Bobba Fett is a clone of the original Jango Fett. Jango Fett is played by Temuera Morrison who is of Maori and Scottish decent. So there might be some understandable confusion if Jordan played Bobba.

Morrison as Jango Fett.

Now Star Wars purists will undoubtedly be annoyed that a black man might be playing Fett. However, as we saw a scene involving John Boyega in the upcoming Force Awakens, it looks like that the Clone/Stormtroopers are of different colours. This might explain that in time the original Clones died out, or that the original Bobba Fett might of died hence as to why Jordan can play him. With the Fett movie set after the events of Return of the Jedi - I can actually believe that there "might" be another Fett that took over due to the death of Fett on Tatooine.

Boyega as a possible Stormtrooper at the start of the Force Awakens?

If Jordan was to play Bobba there would be a believable reason as to why he is of different ethnic origin to Morrison.

In conclusion I think that this would be a good idea. Jordan is a great actor who is a very versatile in his roles. If he was to play the famous bounty hunter.....good luck to him!!


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