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It is finally here!!!! Season four of Arrow! It was amazing, with a jaw-dropper or gut-puncher around every corner. There were many great moments. Nonetheless, here are the 5 biggest moments from the Arrow Season 4 premiere!

5. The Green Arrow

Yay! "I am the Green Arrow!" Who doesn't like a little change here and there? The name change officially kicks off a new era of Arrow. So far I like the new direction. However, it may be too soon to tell.

4. Darhk Superpowers?

Um, I'm still a little lost on this part. What I do personally believe is that Darhk is a natural meta-human, not caused by the Accelerator, like almost every other meta-human; although the scene towards the end brings that into question. I don't know what is happening there, your guess is as good as mine. What he was able to do to Oliver clearly wasn't just some advanced technology. I guess we will have to see how they explain that.

3. Hal Jordon

I better be getting me a Green Lantern soon! You cannot lay this many Easter eggs and not deliver, you don't do that to me Flarrowverse!!!! You don't do that!!!!! This scene was in Coast City during the flashbacks, and I'm becoming more and more curious about if we might get a Hal in the past. Although doubtful, a guy can dream. At the very least I hope we get Carol Ferris. But I guess we will have to wait.

2. Lance working with Darhk

Holy gosh!!!! Well, you signed up for something! You are better then this!!!!! Come on, man! Why? This scene shocked Arrow viewers almost as much as Number 1 on this list. He let the darkness in. I don't know what to expect next, Lance knows who the Green Arrow is. Whether he tells Darhk will truly prove if the darkness has taken over. As we saw, Darhk can hand Oliver his butt easier then Ra's Al Ghul. This is gonna be a good season.

1. Team Arrow Death?

Who is it? Who is it? Who is it? Sorry, but I need to know! It could be Felicity, but if it were her, Oliver would've collapsed and become a pile of sobbing nothing. Diggle? I suppose it could be. It's not Thea, they killed her last season, if they did that again that wouldn't be a wise move. Laurel? Hey everyone is an option. Maybe it's Lance, maybe he tried to stop Darhk and failed. Or maybe it's my shot in the dark: Conner Hawke. Hey, he exists in the universe, and your son you've know for a couple months (assuming they meet this season which probably won't happen) dying would take a toll on you. I know, why not just say it is Lincoln? But anyone is a suspect. All we know is it isn't the Flash, yay. I think they'll be working up to this and throughout the season will make us wonder if it can be avoided or if it's a fixed point in time.


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