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It's great to indulge yourself into a movie and it's world but for me, it's even better to learn some really great facts about the making of the movie. After a few occasions of logging on to IMDb to check out some of my favourite movies I came across some really great pieces of movie trivia that I felt obliged to share.

Gangs of New York (2002)

"Martin Scorsese ends the film with a shot of the New York skyline which includes the World Trade Center Towers, even though the film was finished after the buildings were destroyed in the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001. Scorsese chose to end on that shot rather then continue with a skyline without the WTC because the movie is supposed to be about the people who build New York, not those who tried to destroy it." (skip to 0:53)

This is definitely by far one of my favourite pieces of trivia. It touched my heart and made me truly admire Scorsese.

Prometheus (2012)

"Ridley Scott stated that he was filming "the most aggressive film [he] could" by not caring about MPAA ratings, having support for such bold movement from 20th Century Fox CEO Tom Rothman, who addressed Alien (1979) fans by saying that he was "very aware of their concern", and that "they can take it that the film will not be compromised either way. So if that means that the film is R, then it'll be an R. If it's PG-13, then it'll be a PG-13, but it will not be compromised." Scott shot the film with both adult-only R and more accessible PG-13 film ratings in mind, allowing the more adult content to be cut if necessary without harming the overall presentation, given the case it was asked to be cut down. Eventually, the film was rated "R for Sci-Fi violence including some intense images, and brief language", and it was released without any demanded cuts."

I loved this piece! This really does show how much devotion some directors have to their final product. For me, it felt like he was a lot more concerned about his own vision than the large opening at the box office with a lower age rating.

Back to the Future (1985)

"Michael J. Fox had always been the first choice for Marty, but he was unavailable due to scheduling conflicts with his work on Family Ties (1982). As "Family Ties" co-star Meredith Baxter was pregnant at the time, Fox was carrying a lot more of the show than usual. The show's producer Gary David Goldberg simply couldn't afford to let Fox go. Zemeckis and Gale then cast Eric Stoltz as Marty based on his performance in Mask (1985). After four weeks of filming Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale felt that Stoltz wasn't right for the part and Stoltz agreed. By this stage, Baxter was back fully on the show and Goldberg agreed to let Fox go off to make the film. Fox worked out a schedule to fulfill his commitment to both projects. Every day during production, he drove straight to the movie set after taping of the show was finished every day and averaged about five hours of sleep. The bulk of the production was filmed from 6pm to 6am, with the daylight scenes filmed on weekends. Reshooting Stoltz's scenes added $3 million dollars to the budget."

To think that one of our most beloved characters was almost played by someone else is insane. I could never imagine Marty McFly being played by anyone else, he adds such charisma to the role and has definitely made it such an enjoyable experience near enough every time I watch the film.

Django Unchained (2012)

"When Leonardo DiCaprio's character Calvin Candie smashes the palm of his hand on the dinner table, the actor accidentally struck a chunk of the plaster skull he had just broken and really began to bleed. DiCaprio ignored it, stayed in character, and continued with the scene. Tarantino was so impressed that he used this take in the final print, and when he called cut, the room erupted in a standing ovation. DiCaprio's hand was bandaged and he suggested the idea of smearing blood onto the face of Kerry Washington. Tarantino and Washington both liked this, so Tarantino got some fake blood together."

This is one of the many things that makes me question why DiCaprio hasn't won an Oscar yet. he really is one of Hollywood's greats. There is no reaction whatsoever

The Avengers (2012)

This is by far one of the most amusing parts of trivia that I have come across! It just really shows how inclined both Stark and Robert are with eachother. They're almost the same person and that's why this scene fit so well!

Robert Downey Jr. kept food hidden all over the lab set and apparently nobody could find where it was, so they just let him continue doing it. In the movie, that's his actual food he's offering and when he was eating, it wasn't scripted. He was just hungry."

Thanks for reading this very brief article I just really wanted to share all of this with you guys! Have you got any great trivia? Share it with me, I'd love to see it!

All this trivia information came from IMDb.


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