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Vitor Menezes de Mattos

WHAT A MOVIE! I JUST DIDN'T GIVE IT 10 BECAUSE THE "BAD" THINGS IN THE MOVIE, ARE GOOD THINGS THAT COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER! I don't really know why but, is hard not to compare this movie with the chronicles of narnia, there are several similarities. Hugh Jackman is sensational, Rooney Mara too, and she'll shut the people who signed the petition to change actress up. Garret Hedlund is also very good, people complained that he overreacts a lot, but the character is supposed to be overreacted. The interesting, is that Joe Wright might have found the new Indiana Jones, there are several diferences between the personalities of this movie's hook, and Indiana Jones Himself, but there are also many similarities. And the kid they have found to play Peter Pan, Levi Miller, THEY COULD NOT HAVE CHOSEN ANY BETTER! The boy just ROCKED" Is amazing how well he can act being so young and unexperienced, that's talent. He was my main concern about this movie, because the main acting is the most important 1, if the main actor acts bad, the movie goes deep down, and would be hard to find a good actor 2 play peter since was just gonna be between 11 and 13 years old, so since this movie was announced, it was my first concern, and they found him, and he was just perfect. This kid is gonna steal every1's heart, is impossible not to fall in love with the boy, and all the reviews are agreeing with me, including the bad 1s, (i think he could be the next DiCaprio, speccially because he looks JUST LIKE HIM WHEN HE WAS ARROUND THAT AGE! RIGHT!? I have high expectations 4 this kid, but terrible expectations 4 him about the oscar, with this Mini DiCaprio Face ;) I promise this is the last time i'll talk about his acting, Cuz now you must be like: "OK I GET IT! THE BOY IS GREAT!" SPOILER ALERT UNTIL THE NEXT PARAGRAPH- The scenes where Blackbeard is burning the faries and peter can't do anything because he's tied up, And he yells crying: PLEEEAAASSSEEE!! STOP! I'LL DO ANYTHING U WANT!! ANYTHIIINNGG! And he stops and blackbeard asks: "Anything?" And Peter's face in this scene is just perfect, the way Levi Managed to mix anger, fear and sadness in his face, even crying, was just perfects, and he even answers with "crying voice": Anything...just stop. And the scene where he meets his mom, saying he didn't knew how he loved her if he had never seen her, but now he knew, he cries, and shows sadness and joy in the face, crying just perfectly. Kid, i hope that you don't but in the same time i hope that you DO become the next DiCaprio.


Now let's finally talk about something else, the visuals, they were already breathtaking in the trailers, it spare no resourses to stop us from wanting to blink, and there are oscar categories this movie has strong chances to be nominated for, Production desing, costume desing, hair and makeup, visual effects, and soundtrack, from john powell, who was nominated for the "How to train your dragon" soundtrack.
I felt very bad to see so many negative critics about this movie, i can't understand, this movie is amazing, is not "Just another Peter Pan" movie, it manages to be even more, if you can, try to ignore the fact that is a Peter Pan movie. The only bad things as i said before, are good things that could have been better. This movie is for all the family, and i feel very sorry for the people who worked in this movie when i see so many bad reviews, because this time, i have seen how much they worked hard to make this movie, they had all the work to built neverland, to make the effects, they even were willing to delay it to make sure it would be better, and in this meantime they chaned the composer, so they actually worked extremelly hard to make this movie (when it was announced in december of 2013, i decided to go along with the production and casting news of this movie, and everytime there was something new about it, i knew, so i know how hard they worked) I also feel bad about Levi Miller, whose's first major role, that can make him recognized by the media, is getting so criticized, he must feel terrible about that, even worse 4 him because he's only 13, if he was older, would have been at least "less bad" for him, but i don't know him, he might just giving no sh"t for the reviews and only cared about the ball he had filming this, at least all reviews or almost, are loving him as an actor and agreeing with me, so we'll see, he's also gonna be in supergirl, so people are really liking him.

so... well, let's go for the next part.


I also felt kinda bad, when i saw that there were nearly 12 people in the cinema for the Pan movie, but then i reminded that the ticket i bought was expensive, and late (which decreases the public, when the time you choose to watch a movie in cinemas is late at night, specially in Brazil, where i'm from, is a dangerous country, i already warn u not to come here 4 the olympics) So that made me feel a bit better, but i'll say, this movie is not deserving what is getting.
Something that many people complained about is that the actors sing nirvana, a current times band, and because it makes no sense but, THE MOVIE DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE, IS PETER PAN, TELL ME SOMETHING THAT MAKES SENSE IN THIS MOVIE! Besides, the Nirvana scene worked pretty well. Something else people complain about, is the lack of magic, WHAT????? LACK OF MAGIC? WITH FLYING SHIPS, FLOATING GIANT ESPHERICAL WATERS WITH ANIMALS INSIDE, THAT FAIRIES KINGDOM, THE MERMAIDS, SKELETAL BIRDS... YEAH, NO MAGIC...PFF! COME ON! I feel like people are asking too much from movies these days, i have seen many criticized movies that i loved, and when i see the reasons for so many bad reviews, i just can't believe how much people want the movies to be perfect, am i the only 1 who feels that way?
Finally, i'm gonna finish saying 2 things, that i hope there is a sequel, but if there is, how are they gonna work with Levi Miller, he's already different from the movie, not much, a little, but still, And that SPOILERRRRRR----the movie ends with Peter and hook still friends, and the last words are Peter asking:
Hook, we'll be friends forever right?

Of course, what could possibly go wrong? ;) And the movie ends


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