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By now, the majority of AHS fans should have seen "Checking in".

In my recent article speculating as to whether or not Lady Gaga had the acting prowess to be a lead in, what is FX networks most highly rated show, received some controversial reviews.

While hoping that she would knock it out of the park, seeing as AHS is such a great horror show, there may have been more to the speculation than previously thought.

AHS Hotel is the only season to have been received by critics with mixed reviews. One that helped garner those mixed reviews is Lady Gagas line delivery, which has been described as "stilted". It should be noted that the critics have seen the entire season and not just "Checking in".

The show, in previous seasons, has had a delicate balance between shock value and solid story telling. Hopefully, Hotel can resume with that formula because at this point, the episode was random in its events with a huge emphasis on shock value (Addiction Demon with drill bit dildo, foursome with ghouls/vampires, random person/thing crawling out of the bed, etc.).

AHS Hotels 1 of 2 antagonists: The Addiction Demon
AHS Hotels 1 of 2 antagonists: The Addiction Demon

The show itself, based off of critics assessments, relies too heavily on shock, which is the MO of the majority of the "horror" movies that have piled up over the last couple to few decades, which absolutely Suck.

Unfortunately, these opinions aren't just based solely off of paid critics. A number of fans response to the first episode has been less than welcomed. (

That isn't to say that Hotel should be burned down and salt poured over the land just yet. It still has the opportunity to enthrall a number of us. These are the facts based off what we have observed so far:

1) Fans are generally disappointed by the first episode.

2) Critics who have seen the full season have had mixed reviews.

It's understandable for Lady Gaga fans to jump to her defense. What's under scrutiny here is not her ability to sing or perform on stage: it's her acting ability. Taking people in a medium that they are very good at and have practiced all their lives at and placing them into what is virtually unfamiliar territory doesn't ensure success. Seinfeld was a cool show...that doesn't mean I would expect to put Jerry in the UFC and expect him to capture the Middleweight Championship.

It's okay to be a fan of one persons abilities in one aspect and not particularly like their other endeavor. Robert Downey Jr. is a fantastic actor who has good vocal ability, though I think his album The Futurist only had a couple or few good songs on it.

A big portion of this AHS seasons weight will be in its balance of story telling, shock and Lady Gaga. Those three are some of the most crucial elements as to whether or not Hotel will be Vacated or not.


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