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The Metal Gear Solid series put the games in an odd order, but nevertheless it makes up for awesome story telling. The series has you taking up the mantle as Big Boss, Solid Snake, and Raiden.

Here's the order of the games

Metal Gear Solid III : Snake Eater is the prologue to the whole series. It has you playing as Snake and after the events of the game Snake is named Big Boss by the President after he killed Boss. The next game is Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops and after that is Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker which picks up after Snake Eater. After that is Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes which picks up after Peace Walker. Big Boss inflitrates a US held Cuban Naval Base to retrieve Chico and later Paz. Then 9 years after that Big Boss wakes up to start the events of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain which starts everything for Metal Gear and that leads to Metal Gear Solid I. This game has you playing as Solid Snake which is Big Boss's son along with Liquid Snake. This leads to the events of Metal Gear Solid II: Sons of Liberty has you playing as Raiden and everyone remembers Raiden's naked cartwheels. Next in the series MetalGear Solid IV: Guns of the Patriots which shows Solid Snake as his clone DNA has led to rapid aging. He takes on one last mission to save the world. It ends with a final battle against Revolver Ocelot. It also reveals that Big Boss has been alive the entire time, but ends up dying in front of the Boss's grave. That game was suppose to end the series, but Metal Gear Rising: Revengance changed that. It has you playing as Raiden once again, but with an upgraded suit plus he's a cyborg ninja. That sums up the order of the Metal Gear series

Tell me your favorite Metal Gear game or character and why


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