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With the recent release of 3 untitled marvel movies (and Ant-man 2, YAY!) there is lots of talk of what they may be. They are to take place after the Inhumans movie, so here is what i think (or hope) they could be. Let's get this train rolling...

Planet Hulk

This one is at the top of my list since Hulk is my favorite Marvel character. I'm really hoping they consider doing some kind of Hulk movie. The Hulk could use some more character development and story. So far the Hulk had one stand alone movie but they didn't use the same actor (but Ruffalo Hulk i like more). The only other movies he's been in is the Avengers' movies, excluding Ruffalo's cameo at the end of Iron man 3. Also, since the Hulk went AWOL at the end of AoU, we don't know what he's doing or where he is. Although he'll likely show up in the infinity war to help fight Thanos, maybe they could continue the Hulk storyline after that. So, here's to hoping that they make a Hulk movie. How likely do I think this movie is? From 1 to 10 I'd say a 3. The reason is, the Hulk hasn't been the most popular movie hero. So, unless lots of fans start fighting for this now, I don't think it is likely to happen on its own. So Hulk fans let us unite and get the Hulk movie we need!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

This one is near the top of my list. I had full confidence in GotG before it came out, even though my friends said "it probably won't be that good". Well, HA, cause they all love it and are excited for Vol. 2. Thanks Marvel for proving them wrong. Anyway, how likely do i think this is? From 1 to 10: a 9. Why? Because Marvel likes doing trilogies. Iron man, Captain America, Thor are all going to be trilogies. Even the Avengers is a trilogy if you count the infinity war as one big movie in 2 parts. So it is very likely that since GotG was and is so popular they will make it a trilogy. All we need to do to support GotG 3 is go see the second one when it comes out it theaters, and making sure it is as popular as the first.

Doctor Strange 2

This one is hard to tell, I am excited for the first one. Just like GotG, it will be different and something new that we haven't seen. Now since the 1st one is just over a year away, it's not likely that Marvel will confirm a sequel before the 1st is released. I am interested and confident in the Doctor strange movie, and Marvel hasn't disappointed me in the MCU. How likely do i think this is? It is tricky, from 1 to 10.... right now i say 5 but only because we know almost nothing about the first one. If the first one is close to GotG in success, then I say it's a 7.5-8 that they will make a sequel. I have high hopes. Oh, did I forget to remind you that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Doctor strange? Well he is and he's a great actor so, yeah, it'll be a good movie.

Spider-Man sequel

Like Doctor strange, it is hard to say if this one will happen since we haven't seen the first. However, I think all of us know who Spider-Man is and like him, where as not all of us heard of Doctor strange before the announcement of the movie. So a Spider-Man sequel is more likely than a Doctor strange sequel. What do i think? From 1 to 10: i say a 7. That is without seeing the first one. I am that confident in the fans' love for Spidey, and as long as Marvel has permission from Sony to make sequels I'm sure they will.

Black Panther 2

I think you'll notice a pattern by now. We can't tell if there will be a sequel without seeing the first. From a scale of 1 to 10 i think it's a 5. Why? I do think a sequel is very possible. As i said before, I have total confidence in Marvel to satisfy me. However, do i think "Black Panther 2" will be one of those 3 untitled movies? Maybe. Marvel normally waits 3 years in between sequels because they have so much going on. So it is a possibility that the November 2020 slot could be a Black Panther sequel. If there is a sequel, they may push it back to 2021. Only time will tell.

Ant-Man 3

This is very similar to GotG. They both have a sequel confirmed, they both were thought to be bad but surprised audiences. So, I think a trilogy is very likely. But how likely is it that Ant-Man 3 will be one of the 3 untitled movies? From 1 to 10: I think a 4 because the second one comes out mid 2018, so 2 years in between a sequel is very uncommon for Marvel. I do think an Ant-Man 3 is likely for 2021, but not for 2020.

Now that i got you thinking, tell me what you think.


Which one do you think is most likely to be one of the 3 "untitled"


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