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A shame it is that so many women are under paid for their economical performances and contributions around the globe. Women in the sweat shops of foreign countries may very well make less than their male children. Some countries even forbid women from working or having more than two inches of their faces ever being shown in public. However, when it comes to the film industry, there does not appear to be the same sexism and demeanor against women as so vastly portrayed throughout the corporate world. When it comes to Hollywood women can rank as high if not higher than their male counterparts. People like Oprah Winfrey, a female also of color, has earned herself a seat at the billionaires club simply through intelligence, hard work, and unshakable strength even some men seem to lack. Meryl Streep is another woman who has risen to the top of Hollywood's a-list. She has played many strong, no nonsense characters and has the power to turn anybody into a somebody. Her wealth gives her the position to fund any film she may choose and keep potential profits for herself. In the case of of Gwyneth Paltrow and Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr., and the Hollywood industry over all, salaries of these actresses and actors seem to be based on a multitude of levels. First, off the potential commercial success of a film is partially dependent on the screenplay, the director and producer behind it before the attachment of the actors. Second, when chosen for roles in the film the lead will always get paid more than the rest. The lead is sometimes chosen by the most financially popular actor or actress or, even better, by the person right for the part. Each role receives different financial perks based on the importance of the role and the talent and popularity of the person playing it. Third and the most vital in the decision of anyone's salary working on a particular film is the audience. Robert Downey Jr. may very well have given the best portrayal of Iron Man but even the next guy to fill the iron shoes down the road might not receive the same accolades that Mr. Downey has. An actor and actress might also get an equivalent of five percent on the back end but the popularity of each film, based on the writing, directing, producing, and casting, may earn the studios and the actors different salaries due to an increase or lack there of in audiences flocking to see their films. A female lead of one film may be more popular than the male of another but if either film is found lacking audiences will shy away leading stars to make less money no matter the gender. Sexism will appear around every corner for those who look for it. Just because a man makes more than a woman does not always guarantee sexism. A man working in the same position for ten years will most always make more than a woman just entering it and the same the other way around. The real issue is finding real issues and finding a solution when an issue is found. Instead of making something out of nothing based on limited speculation how can people around the world fight back against such intolerable and unjust acts against gender inequality when they arise? What can we the people do?


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