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Rishira Ganguly

The rumbly tummy needs a mummy

Do I need saying? Ok, I will. Molly Weasly is the best cook in town. Her food is homely and we all remember that dinner table that was set in Christmas by her. AND she can conjure up anything you want with a swish and a flick!

Ah! Wine.

Say whatever you want BUT you CANNOT say that she doesn't have the best classic and fine drinks in the World. So, shut up and drink. Just be careful of poisoning.

Of cakes and good bread.

Everybody knows that if you need a good cake, Peeta is your go to guy. I mean he is sooooo good in this business that he even used it to hide himself from those evil guys (yes, I don't remember their names). Also, molly might need a muggle helping hand because we sure don't want to be surprised. *giggles sheepishly*


Iron man IS a cool billionaire, playboy, genius, philanthropist and also he is a guy who (in my opinion) has a good taste in music. He did shake his iron man suit leg (ok.) to some tunes on his birthday (remember) AND he even works with music on. So, that would be fun!

Crowd control

He would be the best guy for the work! Nothing more to say.

The game is on!

EVERYONE looooooooves games and it would be fun to see Sherlock deducing everybody to nothing and John as the mother hen going around apologizing for Sherll's behaviour. Also Cluedo!

Umm, I need help.

There will be a LOT of mess around. I am sure they wont mind. Please don't mind. I don't wanna die.


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