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Let's be honest. Halo is a great game series, and it's one that I and a lot of others want to see turned into a film or film franchise. But no movie is better than its cast, so I decided to create a fancast for this film! Buckle up, because here we go!

Master Chief - Corey Stoll

Master Chief is one of the most amazing video game characters ever, and I think Corey Stoll has what it takes to move him from video game stardom to the big screen. Corey hasn't had much experience in the action-adventure genre, although he totally crushed it as Yellowjacket in Ant Man. I believe that playing John-117 would give Corey a much-deserved chance to broaden his horizons and embrace other roles.

Cortana - Bryce Dallas Howard

Originally, I had planned to give this role to Jennifer Lawrence, but after looking at pictures of Bryce as Claire in Jurassic World, I was convinced that she would be amazing as Master Chief's onboard computer. Move over Paul Bettany! J.A.R.V.I.S. is great and all, but Cortana is all that and then some!

Avery Johnson - Idris Elba

If this isn't perfect casting, I don't know what is! Idris Elba has proven over and over again that he knows how to pull off a gruff and intense character, and Avery Johnson certainly fits that description.

Jacob Keyes - Kevin Conroy

Yes, it's true. I want the iconic Batman to play Halo's Jacob Keyes. You can't tell me that he doesn't look the part and I also think this would be a remarkable opportunity for Kevin Conroy to prove that he's more than just a voice actor.

Miranda Keyes - Anna Kendrick

This one was a fancast waiting to happen. As soon as I compared photos of these two side by side, the first words out of my mouth were, "THAT'S HER!" Anna Kendrick could definitely pull off Miranda Keyes and certainly be able to hold her own with Corey Stoll's Master Chief.

Covenant High Prophets

Truth - Kevin Michael Richardson

Kevin Michael Richardson... the voice of truth? Well, maybe not. But as the voice of what would obviously have to be a CGI alien named Truth? Now that's much more likely!

Mercy - Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker is an insanely talented and criminally underrated voice actor and I think he would be great as the Covenant's voice of Mercy.

Regret - Steve Blum

Here we have another example of an outstanding voice actor, and I think it would be a waste of potential not to include him somewhere!

Arbiter - Ving Rhames

I was listening to clips of several different voice actors, trying to compare them with the voice of Arbiter, when I suddenly stumbled across this guy and realized that he was absolutely perfect.

In conclusion, Halo is an incredible game series, and one that the fans definitely deserve at least one film if not an entire franchise for! You've read my cast, but would it be the same as yours? Comment below!


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