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Most people have the idea that being a survivor during the zombie apocalypse would be awesome right?! WRONG! The Walking Dead craze has brainwashed you into thinking this way. But I'm gonna show you all the truth. And tell you why it would actually be easier as zombie than a normal human being.

1. You Don't Starve

Zombie on the set of The Walking Dead.
Zombie on the set of The Walking Dead.

As a zombie you get the joy of feasting almost everyday. Horses, cows, chickens, elephants, lions, and of course human beings are all on the menu daily. Doesn't matter what time you want to eat, the kitchen is always open. And you NEVER get full. However, as a normal person you have to risk not drinking water for days at a time, you almost never get to enjoy a real meal, and bugs become a regular part of your diet.

2. You're 100% Carefree

As a human being you spend every minute of your day making sure you're safe from zombies. Adding that to the hassle of finding water to drink and food to eat can be painfully stressful. As a zombie you don't have to stress over anything at all. Your only goal is to find a tasty meal to eat!

3. You Don't Feel Pain

Zombies walk around with hanging limbs, exposed flesh, no eyes, and everything else you could imagine. So we obviously know pain doesn't effect them in any way. Human beings on the other hand still have to worry about all types of different pains. The pain of starvation, the pain of losing someone close, the pain of running away from zombies, and the pain of being eaten alive!

4. You Never Have To Worry About A Place To Stay

Zombies don't stay in one place. They keep on the move, looking for that next big meal. Us human's have to constantly be looking out for a decent place to live though. And we all know that can take weeks or even months to accomplish.

5. No Emotions

This goes back to the pain topic I brought up. And it's true, Zombies don't feel any type of emotion. Which ultimately saves them the trouble of dealing with the possible death of their loved ones. Then we go back to human beings... Who tend to be very emotional creatures.

6. No Weapons? No Problem!

Without weapons, human beings are almost hopeless against zombies. But zombies on the other hand obviously don't have to worry about carrying a machete or a shotgun. Why? Because they're the threat of course!

It's obvious that being a zombie is way easier than being a human during a zombie apocalypse. So don't aim to be a survivor! Aim to be a flesh eating zombie!



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