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Good evening fellow creators and fans. For twenty two seasons of Power Rangers, fans have always wondered about the relationship between morphers and the powers of the rangers in each season. With this curiosity has come questions too. Why can only one ranger of each color exist per generation. Where are all the powers stored when Rangers are not needed between seasons? Who created the first morphers and who were the first Power Rangers?

While I can not answer all these questions, my research can answer a few. Beginning in the Pangaea age when the Earth was a supercontinent and not yet divided into many up (until canon year 3000+), Power Rangers have been in the universe. Some are from different alien civilizations but most have come from Earth.

Sentinel Knight from "Operation: Overdrive" has been recognized as the very first original 6th or legendary Power Ranger. My theory is that he, or a predecessor, created the first Morphing Grid (see photo above) and ever since they have guarded the universe and delegated responsibility to every single mentor of every known team of Power Rangers to date.

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Why would the first Power Rangers be aliens?

Because civilization started late on Earth compared to the rest of the both known and unknown regions of the universe. So by the time the first humans had built cities, good and evil aliens had already infiltrated among us and thus the war between good and evil came to Earth. Keeper was the first of these mentors to arrive and he was, in turn, followed by Sledge of "Power Rangers Dino Charge" and "Super Dino Charge" (forthcoming season).

Shortly thereafter, the dinosaurs were casualties of the struggle between these two and while it took Sledge several hundred million years to repair his ship and return, in that time humans became the dominant civilization and multiple evil empires rose and fell consisting of aliens, demons, undead, ninja, samurai, pollution created forces and time traveling enemies. Every time a new empire awakens from its dormant slumber caused by its original defeat, or is newly arisen to conquer Earth, a new or ancient mentor is always waiting with a newly formed team of Power Rangers to defeat them.

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How do these mentors know when the time is right to begin assembling a new team of heroes?

Well, the first episode of every new season of the series explains this. Whether it be via magic, research, prophecy, or watching current events, the empires have almost always had a team ready to stand against them. The only known exception to this rule was in "Power Rangers RPM" when the evil Venjix Virus spread throughout an alternate future Earth so quickly the Power Rangers of that season were forced to be created in its aftermath to protect Earth's survivors in the refugee sheltered city of Corinth. A second exception could be called for "Mighty Morphing Alien Rangers" Episode 1 and the last episode of Season 3 of "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" when Master Vile uses the Orb of Doom to reverse the entire Earth a decade. Zordon tried to warn the Rangers of that period and while they were successful in getting to it in time, they were defeated by the powerful Tenga led by Rito Revolta who was Rita's brother. Now coincidentally, when the Earth is reversed ten years, the past Command Center, thanks to the horror of Alpha 5's Spring Cleaning, is first seen suffering a blackout -causing him to trip over a cable. Curse you, Master Vile!

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