ByKanishk Bhatia, writer at

So For My Dinner I will Call the Following 5

1.) Gordon James Ramsay best chef in world my party will Have the best of food

2. BRYAN ADAMS for the Amzing Songs and an Iconic Personality will keep everyone in the party indulge to His Songs

3. Raymond RED Reddington as he has anything and Everything at his disposal although he is in FBI'S most wanted Fugitive list he still got them to cooperate with him and Got Immunity

4. Capt. Kate Beckett for her combination of being hot sexy Savyy and Total Badass if anyone tries to Harm her or Her Loved ones Drived by Vengeance she takes down the most Powerful Senator of the US

5. Harvey Specter: Reason for Harvey he being a Total badass lawyer Solves every problem but by being under the boundaries of Law


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