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Hey there. I'm here to tell and recommend some of my fav all time Halloween movies here.

1. Hatchet

Though its franchise was over the top this movie really bring out the folktale creepy and deadly fiction of a psycho ghost who kills anybody who enters his swamp. My rating of this film is 6.5/10

2. Creep show

From the man who started the zombie craze brings us a Stephan king novel. The best film out of the three and Stephan king himself is in it. The king shall live on.

3. The fog

A classic John carpenter film that everybody has loved and adored throughout time. All bout dead pirates coming out of a thick fog. Creepy every time I see fog.

4. Friday the 13th

One of the best films in the awesome and epic franchise it may not show much of Jason but Mrs. Vorhees brought an epic killing to the film.

5. Silver bullet

What happens when a big hairy bad dog goes around eating and mutalating towns people u begin to suspect Wat it is. Warning don't go near a priest.

6. A nightmare on elm street

Another great film from Wes craven we all agree that the original was better than the remake.

7. Friday the 13 part 6 Jason lives.

Another Jason film yay. Who else agrees that this is a great movie.

8. Halloween 4: the return of Michael Myers

I bet u mike Myers got teased bout this from time to time. But this franchise is my all time favourite out of all others. He's coming home ppl.

well that's my list look for these great films or if u have already seen them watch them again.


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