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(Warning: spoilers for the first episode of Arrow Season 4 lie below, advance with caution. Or ignorance. Or both.)

For those of you scouring the internet for some joyful and 'OMGTHATSSOAWESOME' superhero-related news, I suggest you resume your merry search and leave this article be. Y'see, I come bearing news that will upset (and potentially make happier) a lot of Arrow fans, and a significant amount of other people. I mean, c'mon, this is Green Lantern we're talking about.

Didn't mean to make you feel awkward...
Didn't mean to make you feel awkward...

For those of who, like me, kept their eyes peeled during Oliver Queen's return to the TV screen, you'll have noticed that there are a sequence of flashbacks. This is a recurring formula in Arrow, and these very snippets of the past are often what watchers draw hints about the show from. Luckily for us all, the internet has spotted one.

During the flashback sequences, we see a rather long-haired Oliver Queen sitting at a bar with his 'friend' Amanda Waller. At the end of Season 3, we see Oliver board a ship headed to Coast City, so we assume that this is where the bar is located.

However, before we even see our protagonist come into view, we are treated with a panning shot which opens on a very familiar name.

Green Jacket. Last name Jordan. If it wasn't already made clear to you with this shot, we see the same man's sleeve just before he leaves the area:

This is obviously, and quite fittingly, a military style jacket. This would make a lot of sense, seeing as Hal Jordan (the most famous Green Lantern) was originally a USAF pilot before finding his super-powered ring. If you look in the background of this picture, you can just make out the figure of Amanda Waller sitting with our favorite bowman.

"Oh, please, don't flatter me like that."
"Oh, please, don't flatter me like that."

So at least one thing has been made pretty clear: Hal Jordan/The Green Lantern DOES EXIST IN THE ARROWVERSE. This did, originally, excite me majorly, until I did some reading up. Unfortunately, if you all keep reading, you'll be reading up on this subject too.

Y'see, the thing is, DC has a rather complicated cinematic structure. They have two "cinematic universes" in which different variations of the same character can exist. For instance, the Green Arrow to appear in DC movies will not be Stephen Amell, and the Flash to appear in the same movies will not be portrayed by Grant Gustin. The two sections of DC's recorded world are completely separate. Still with me?


Due to copyright reasons and stupid executive decisions, DC doesn't want any of its upcoming film-based superheroes to appear on TV. We've already had this issue with characters like Deadshot and Harley Quinn, seeing as the big people at the top of the chain are keen to follow this unofficial rule.

It has just been confirmed that the upcoming Green Lantern Corps film will feature multiple ring-bearers, and it would be weird if they didn't make their most popular one a thing on the big screen in five years' time. So, chances are, we won't be seeing Hal Jordan shooting green stuff everywhere on our small screens anytime soon.

When Arrow director Marc Guggenheim was asked about the potential of Mr. Jordan appearing, he said this:

"They announced the Green Lantern Corps movie, and I’d be surprised if it didn’t include Hal Jordan. It would be great (to bring him into the show) but I doubt it very much."

It seems as though the closest mention we got to this character in the modern day was the reference to the Ferris Air test pilot who went missing in the Flash episode 'Rogue Air.' What's worse, that's seemingly all we're gonna get.

While it isn't good news for fans of the hero himself, those who enjoy his backstory too shouldn't be so upset. Throughout the runs of both The Flash and Arrow, the company Ferris Air has made numerous appearances -- with their planes nearly being shot down by Edward Fyers in Arrow Season 1, and Barry Allen using one of their runways to first test his newfound speed. Ferris Air is owned by Hal's girlfriend, Carol Ferris, and an appearance by her has not at all been ruled out. Turns out, every cloud does have a silver lining.

So there we have it -- The Green Lantern won't be coming to some of our favorite TV shows, but his associates and friends in Coast City might. What do you guys think though? Will Hal Jordan turn up by surprise? Take the poll, leave your thoughts in the comments -- or even better -- create your own post! Until next time guys :)


Will Hal Jordan actually show up?


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