ByHeather Smith, writer at

Selena, sending prayers out to you for continued strength and healing... Thank you for speaking up about Lupus. It brings awareness to yet another auto immune disease... as for the media.... don't worry about those that only write for the money, with no regard for the truth.... Keep in mind those of us and our daughters who have sat for many years watching you grow through different acting roles and then those that danced around the house with their preteen to your music, knowing that you were such a strong role model for our girls. Women who believe in you and your spirit. To be honest I thought after all the stress you had just needed a break, I would have. I'm sorry the break was due to Lupus... But. Thank you for speaking up... with your voice and others maybe more funding will go towards getting rid of these diseases once and for all. Wishing you many blessings and strength in the battle... love, light and laughter here on out... with respect... from a fellow A.I. Survivor (CLL)


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