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As I'm pretty sure everyone reading this knows by now, the Star Wars: Battlefront Beta has been up for almost 72 hours as of this post and is soon coming to a close (try not to shed a tear). And having logged quite a bit of that time myself I have heard a lot of complaints regarding the unbalance between the Rebels and the Alliance.

While somewhat true, I believe a lot of this comes from the beta's inability to explain what exactly the Rebels should be doing to blow those All-Terrain-Armored-Transports back to what ever hell hole they very, very slowly crawled out of.

So for now (and later after the release) here are my Rules, Tips, and Tricks to actually winning a game of "Walker Assault".


  • To win the game the Rebels (I know this is an Alliance image) must destroy both AT-AT's before they reach the final com-link. They will have 3 chances to do so as indicated by the 3 circles/checkpoints in the top center indicator. As the AT-AT's move forward, the bar (that acts as a timer) will continue to move as well.
  • By gaining full control of up-links Rebels will add Y-Wings (top left indicator) to the air strike that happens at all 3 checkpoints. After an airstrike is the only time the AT-ATs are vulnerable. The more Y-Wings your team adds, the greater the strike damage and unshielded attack time you will have.
  • The third indicator, top right, is the health bar for both AT-ATs.


(Unless you're this'll probably need these.)

  • Hardly ever is there a reason to aim down sights. There is no recoil on hip fire. The game was designed to keep you moving and shooting.
  • For the love of the gaming gods, play this game how it was designed to be played. Play to win. Capture up-links and keep them active. The most I've gotten is about 11ish Y-Wings. On THE FIRST CHECKPOINT we folded one of those heaps of crap like a lawn chair.
  • Stay out of the Snowspeeders. They don't have the cable like in the movies to trip the AT-ATs. Nor do they have rockets or anything useful at all for that matter.
  • Play this game in 3rd Person and stay out of site. The Rebels and their tacky brown uniforms in a sea of snow make 'em fish in a barrel. Stay behind cover. Use the trenches, high ground, and terrain to shield yourself from enemy view and fire.
  • Just like in the movies you're outnumbered. And it's why everybody is complaining. And just like in the movie you need to use Guerrilla Warfare to win. Stay nimble and quick. Capture links and disappear. When they show up to deactivate links hit em and hit em hard.


Don't really have any tricks yet. But for anybody that wants to completely ignore everything I said before and learn how to win matches in minutes, I did come across this pretty impressive video of a guy single-handedly taking down 2 AT-ATs in the span of like 30 seconds exactly...

This, by the way, is my first ever blog post. Thanks for reading. If I've made any mistakes or you want to hear about anything else feel free to let me know!

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