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Arrow got off to a great new start this season as we saw the actual transformation of Oliver into the Green Arrow. Damien Dahrk presented a visibly new, unique and dangerous threat and allegiances, trust and friendships were tested between Team Arrow (specifically Oliver) and Quentin, Diggle and Oliver, Felicity and Oliver and Thea and Oliver. Basically everyone and Oliver. Arrow is definitely back after the season that many (not me, but many) were incredibly disappointed with. The whole feel of the show is that of Season 2 at the moment, and that can only be a good thing. The big thing most people took away from it was the ending though. We see Oliver at a grave 6 months later, mourning the loss of someone. We don’t know who it is, but the internet is ablaze with theories as to who it is. So I’m going to throw out a theory that may seem a little ridiculous, but would be a nice twist for the writers to pull.


This is not a typical theory piece. This is a piece addressing the possible options of the grave scene, followed by my own theory.

Let’s deal with the facts first:

1. This is the most important point. Wendy Mericle (one of the executive producers on Arrow) has stated that “we don’t necessarily know it is right now, we’re still figuring the plan out for the season, but we wanted to have resonance. If it doesn’t mean something to the characters, it won’t mean anything to the audience either”. This means that at this point, there is no WRONG theory. Any theory is fair game (unless there’s a theory suggesting that Oliver is mourning Harry Potter or something). Stephen Amell also doesn’t know, as evidenced HERE, so I’d assume we can’t judge based on how Amell acted in the scene. If he looked really sad, it might be because he imagined it as someone that would actually warrant less sadness than he gave, or maybe more.

2. It’s 6 months later. This would mean it’s in the finale. The funeral would probably only happen a little after the death, so unless we have a Black Canary situation where it’s impossible to have a funeral because certain people don’t know that they’re dead, it’s probably happening around the end of the season anyway (next year). I’m obviously basing this of characters and plots we already know. Although, 24 episodes later can prove to introduce both the dead character and the character who is responsible for the death.

3. Barry is “sorry” that he missed the funeral. Most have read this as the fact that the person is someone Barry knows well as well, so it wouldn’t be someone like Black Canary. I think it could be anyone really, because imagine if Iris had died. Oliver barely knows her, but he’d come mourn her, for his friend Barry.

4. Oliver’s quote is this: “There was a time I would’ve thought this was my fault, that I brought this darkness upon us. Now I know it’s not my fault, it’s my responsibility”. When Barry asks what his responsibility is to, Oliver responds “to end it”. He then says “I’m going to kill him”. He then says he wants to be left alone. We know the person at fault for the death is a man. This makes it easier to deduce one part of the equation as we limit it to one gender

First Question, Who Is Oliver Going To Kill?

All the males that could possibly be involved (again, not counting any new characters that could be introduced) are: Damien Dahrk, Zoom, Eobard Thawne (returned from the dead), Malcolm Merlyn, Quentin Lance, Diggle, Eddie Thawne (returned from his assumed death), Anarky, Vandal Savage, Grodd, Eiling, Alex Davis, Slade Wilson, Mr Terrific, Constantine and Tommy Merlyn (returned from the dead). Obviously it’s not the Flash. If we assume that Vandal Savage is exclusively on Legends of Tomorrow and we assume it’s an Arrow character, which would make more sense given it’s his show, we limit it to Damien Dahrk, Malcolm Merlyn, Mr Terrific, Slade Wilson, Quentin Lance, Diggle, Anarky, Alex Davis, Constantine and Tommy. These are our possibilities for characters that could possibly be responsible for the death of a character. Baron Blitzkrieg doesn’t come into it, given his suggested role in the past more than the present at all.

Second Question, Who Could The Dead Person Be?

This person has to be an Arrow character, given that Flash misses the funeral but Oliver attends. Plus, the funeral scene is in Arrow. That makes the possible characters a lot larger than one would initially expect, although it’s been said that it has to resonate with the characters, as I mentioned earlier. Oliver seemed heavily affected, so the characters could be: Felicity, Thea, Laurel, Diggle, Lyla, Quentin, Sara (back from the dead), Nyssa, Donna Smoak, Tommy (back from the dead before dying again, Doctor Who’s-Rory style, which I guess would be a funny joke considering Arthur Darvill’s presence in Legends of Tomorrow and the idea of him bringing her body to the present) and Jessica Danforth, the new Mayor of Star City (although I highly doubt Oliver would care that much). Oliver’s ex-lover (the one with the child) and her child have also been suggested. I would suggest Mr Terrific, but given his upcoming potential, I don’t think they’d kill him off. In terms of tone, killing Felicity wouldn’t change much, given the lighter tone Oliver is set to pursue. Killing Thea would be fine given her character has actually been described by Diggle in the premiere as “just like [Oliver was] when [he] started out”. Killing Donna Smoak, Tommy, Nyssa or Lyla would be a safe move.

From these ideas, many theories can be hazarded. Many are assuming it’ll be Damien Dahrk killing someone, particularly Thea, Felicity, Laurel, Diggle, Quentin or even Lyla. But considering it’s set up so far away, I think the showrunners will try to surprise fans. Personally, I think most people are focusing too much on the second question. I believe the answer as to this whole question lies in the first: Who does Oliver vow to kill at the end? Who is responsible for the death?

Out of our options, there’s first and foremost the obvious Damien Dahrk. Malcolm Merlyn could also be a possibility, as this will be seen as Oliver deciding after all the pain to finally kill Malcolm. I highly doubt it could be Mr Terrific. It could very well be Slade or even Damien’s new associate Quentin. Given the tensions, it could be Diggle. I don’t think it’ll be Anarky, as he seems like more of a minor threat. Alex Davis is still a mystery, so maybe. Tommy could be an interesting choice, especially considering the idea of “responsibility”. One character though, needs a little more screentime, and this is the best way to do it.

John Constantine Is The One Oliver Vows To Kill

Constantine has been known to sacrifice the lives of others in the name of defeating whatever evil he needs to. His cold attitude towards human life is what defines him. In the comics, he manages to turn away his entire family, all his lovers and most of his friends (Chas being an exception) in his pursuit to protect the world from the evils of Hell. The thing is, it doesn’t matter who he kills. Just the fact that it’s his fault is the twist, but I do have a valid person. While it could very well be Felicity, dying because of her connection to Damien Dahrk (if the theory that he is her father comes to pass) or Thea (with her connection to the Lazarus Pits and growing rage/insanity), I think it’ll be someone else entirely.

Constantine Will Kill Quentin Lance

The reasons for this being:

1. The Arrow universe likes to kill parental figures (Nora Allen, Harrison Wells to a point, Robert Queen, Moira Queen, Yao Fei, Ras Al Ghul and Henry Allen)

2. Quentin hasn’t been doing much different as of late

3. He is associated with Damian Dahrk and that could lead to him becoming a pawn in some mystical game.

4. Quentin’s character has done so much and been on so many sides, but (as much as I love him) he’s run his course.

5. Quentin isn’t a comicbook character, so his death wouldn’t anger too many comicbook fans.

6. Quentin says something about “letting darkness” into the lives of everyone. Constantine comes because of that darkness and he himself is steeped in it. Seriously, even his trenchcoat has once displayed homicidal tendencies. Oliver has to end it. Of course, this could very well be a reference to Damien Dahrk.

7. Quentin isn’t too much of a main character to be too crucial to the show, although he (both Paul Blackthorne and Quentin Lance) is phenomenal.

Constantine could very well sacrifice Lance to stop Damien Dahrk. Imagine a situation where Damien holds Quentin hostage, or turns him into a demon of sorts, and Constantine has to make that sacrifice, before moving on.

One other thing, I've noticed people suggesting the idea of who is grieving. Oliver would still grieve about Lance. He's been a friend and an enemy, and Oliver remembers him for the good man he was. He isn't visibly too shattered. He takes it as a way to move forward, now that the one person who keeps insisting he represents darkness is gone. He mourns the man he once knew. Barry comes to help him with that. While Barry might go to Laurel to apologise, he'll also go to Oliver, who stayed behind to consider his life. Also, while Constantine is only set to appear in Episode 4, consider the fact that Felicity originally started as a minor character with very little screentime, but was soon promoted to the main cast. If Constantine ends up being popular (which he likely will be), he could very well come back for multiple episodes. Those episodes aren't written yet, so there's still heaps of time.

So, what did you think? Obviously, this might not turn out to be what’s happening. It could very well be the popular option of Damien Dahrk, maybe even Oliver finally settling the score with Slade. It could very well be the popular option of Felicity, Thea or Diggle dying. It could be something easy to guess. It could be something complex. It might even involve a character we’ve yet to even hear about. The showrunners don’t know who it is, so at this point, to everyone, it’s up in the air. Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong. But that’s the point in fan theories. They’re just fun. So, do you agree with this theory? Do you want me to delve into this theory a little more? Do you want me to delve into a theory behind any other character? Do you have your own theory you want to boast? Well, let’s talk about it in the comments

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