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Matilda Zetaic

So it's Elena... come on I know I am not the only one who love Delena so much but anyway let's just take a minute and think about first episode of TVD.

Damon is a mess and I'm fine whit that because of.....

his eyes and smile and he can do whatever I still love him .

There was some fire in first episode ...hmm..

I didn't like it at all it's just ....I have no words

Now let's talk about no humans in Mystic Falls ...ok WOW ...they finally open eyes and see that vampires and witches are dangerous for humans with no power and now Matt is only human in Mystic Falls I just think he isn't vampire because then what is the point of all times he died and come back I mean if he didn't become vampire long time ago what is the point of being vampire now the way Damon saved Bonnie and that is good somebody should after Bonnie when there is no Elena . Steroline happened and it was fine but I'm not happy about it but it's fine.

The only thing we can do now when we go trough first episode is to wait another episode of TVD..


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