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He is the Charismatic Enigma, Rainbow Haired Warrior, Willow The Whisp, The Risk Taker, he is Jeff Hardy! JHardy was in one of the most popular tag teams in the late 90's along side his brother Matt. Jeff has also done well as a solo superstar winning almost all single and tag team championship belt. Today I'll be showing you seven reasons why they call him "The Risk Taker," by showing you seven moments that he has put his life on the line for our entertainment. This is in no particular order.

7. Swanton Bomb From Ladder WrestleMania X7


In a "Three-way Tornado-Tag Tables Ladders Chairs Match" with The Hardy Boyz VS The Dudley VS Edge and Christian, Rhyno and Spike interfered in the match and they paid the price.

6. Jeff Gets Speared Hanging-WrestleMania X7


In the same match as number seven. What can I say? The whole Match was Great! Jeff Tried getting the titles after the ladder got taken away so Edge took advantage of him just hanging around and speared Jeff.

5. Swanton Bomb from an 18-Wheeler-One Night Stand 2008


At the PPV Extreme Rules in 2008 there was an "Extreme Rules Falls Count Anywhere" Match Against "Umaga." the two superstars went all around and out of the arena. Bonus video from this match that didn't make the list.


4. Whisper In The Wind from a Steel Cage-Unforgiven 2000


Please Skip to 2:10 as I couldn't find just that scene.

In a "Tornado-Tag Steel Cage" match at Unforgiven 2000 with The Hardy Boyz vs Edge and Christian. Jeff does his Signature move "Whisper In The Wind" From the cage onto Matt and Edge

3. Smashes Edge Through Ladder. WrestleMania 23


In an eight man "Money In The Bank Ladder" match at WrestleMania 23, Jeff jumps off the ladder onto Edge while he was laying on another ladder and snaps the ladder in half.

2. Swanton from HUGE ladder-SummerSlam 2009.


In a rivalry against CM Punk in 2009, they had an "Extreme Rules" match for the WWE championship at SummerSlam. Jeff does a Swanton Bomb off a HUGE ladder tot he outside of the ring, while CM Punk was laying on the announce Table.

1. Swanton Bomb From Something Huge-Raw 01/04/08


Making this one top my list! In a singles match against Randy Orton that ended within two Minutes via Disqualification, turned into a brawl leading to the entrance. Randy went for his finisher the "Punt Kick", Jeff reverses it and throws Randy off the stage. Jeff decides to climb up the tower things and Swanton Randy from there.


Jeff Hardy is someone who risks his life to entertain us and if I were him I’d be asking for a huge pay rise. Jeff really is Unique I haven't seen anyone like him since watching WWE. Jeff said in an interview that he has surprisingly only broken two bones in his body, and both of them were from motor biking accidents.


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