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Sean Evans

First it was exploding kittens, now it's rather clumsy Stick men as this brand new Horror themed card game storms Kickstarter across the Halloween period.

Like some sick twisted Saw torture porn for stickmen comes Don’t Die! A fast-paced, hazardous-to-your-life card game where you try not to die. At least, not as much as everyone else.

The game is fully made and ready for you to order!

People will be able to back Don’t Die! on Kickstarter and get the game, a Kickstarter exclusive expansion, and even help build the game by designing a card, or funding variant artwork! Aside from any extras that may be added on as a result of the crowdfunding campaign.

I personally love the create a death perk, my psychotic little mind would go into over-drive thinking of the perfect way to kill my stick man nemesis!

Check out their awesome campaign on Kickstarter here -


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