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Hello to everyone! Today I'm going to talk about somthing new and interesting, and I want especially to know your opinion.

MY father is a professional photographer, and about a year ago he was the photographer in one conference. Now I'll describre you what he did: he took seven photos (of the crowd) one by one after every second without changing his or the camera location. When he look later at the photos, he noticed that in one of the photos there is this thing:

The yellow thing
The yellow thing

The yellow thing in the form of a ball.

First thing: it's not a photoshop! my father showed me this picture right after he returnd to home, and he couldn't (and wouldn't want) to photoshop one of the pictures. You have to believe my word, I myself hate when people doing photoshop.

Second: as I said my father is a professional photographer many years and he know many effects, reflected light that can be created by the sun rays or a light and is deosn't one of them. He also showed this photo to some more people who also know many effects, reflected light that can be created by the sun rays or a light and they don't know what is this.

Third: the camera that my father took the photos is working and worked very good and it could be a malfunction in it. Also, the photo that before and the photo that after this photo are normal with nothing special.

This thing looks like a ball with kind of energy

energy ball?
energy ball?

You can see it looks like a ball with that filled with something very bright and yellow. There was also a little strange thing near this "ball"

The little thing
The little thing

Near the "ball" we also can see something very small, it's look like a little piece of something and it have a brown with some orange color.

So here you have it. I told you all the facts and things about this photo with the yellow thing. I'm this tipe of people who like to call strange thigs like this "UFO". But I want to know what you think about this photo after I explaiend you about it.

Thank you for reading! And if you liked this quick post pleas click on the heart down there, and if you like theories you can also follow me. Bye!


So what do you think this thing?


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