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Now before I begin discussing this post, I want to get something out there which many people might not agree with: I actually liked watching Joey. I thought it was a pretty decent show, and when I finished watching the second season, I was pretty sad that they had ended it there.

Now, the biggest problem with Joey was that it was a spin-off from Friends. Friends was - and probably still is - one of the greatest comedy TV shows ever done. It revolved around a group of six friends (and amazingly funny actors) living in the great city of Manhattan. However, In Joey, they took away one of the characters - the most loved one, you could say - and created a show around him in which he moves to Los Angeles to pursue his career as an actor. So when this spin-off came out, every Friends lover tuned in to NBC to watch first season, and by season 2 watch their favourite sitcom's last remains die painfully.

But why did this show die so quickly?

It died mainly due to the poor reviews. Now the main problem with how the critics looked at this was by comparing it Friends, and obviously this show was never going to be as good as Friends. No way near it, in fact.

The cast of Friends consisted of 6 main characters, and then a handful of recurring characters which would make an appearance a couple of times each season (Janet, Gunther, Mr. and Mrs. Geller, etc.). Overall had a very short set of characters, which in this case worked because of how good they were. Still, though, they were six, and not one, like what happened in Joey. By putting one main character along mediocre characters, they gave Joey the full 20 minute screen time, in comparison to the 5 -7 minutes he would get on Friends. This meant that Joey had to carry the show, as the other actors were ok, but no way near Friends level. Not only that, but Joey was the comic relief go-to guy on Friends, the typical funny and loveable doofus who had a big heart. However, in Joey he has to be transformed into the main character, and it didn't work out too well, although, overall, anything that Matt LeBlanc does (especially playing Joey) is always awesome.

Just to clarify, what I am not saying is that the show was bad. I think that it was judged to early and whist it was definitely no way near to Friends, barely anything can be compared to Friends. After 10 incredible seasons, NBC had to make a choice and decided to continue this with the most suitable character for a spin-off. Joey did not have any ties connecting him to New York, and he could easily be removed as he was the only one in the group who was single.

And whilst the show isn't the best, it does have it's moments, and the supporting cast does do pretty well at some points. Andrea Anders plays the hot unattainable neighbour, and then good friend "Alex", as well as Paulo Costanzo playing the smart but socially awkward nephew of Joey, "Michael", and Drea de Matteo as his sister, "Gina". However, there is one more character, a fan favourite, which although is not in every episode, is a in important character. I'm talking about Jennifer Coolidge (Aka Stifler's Mom!!) who plays the hysterical agent who 'helps' Joey in getting him roles, "Bobby".

So, I can't help but wonder what Joey would have been life if it had not been cancelled so soon. Would it have gotten it's stride and stayed on the air for longer, or would it have plummeted down by the third or fourth season? Feel free to answer!


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