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If you recall back a few months ago, E3 2015 showed us some new gameplay and a new world for Kingdom Hearts 3: Disney's Tangled. Later at the D23 Expo, Big Hero 6 World was announced. So this got us thinking at Cool Nerd Show.... What are our top 5 worlds that we want? Well.... Let's start the list!

[Watch Devin go through the list above, or if you're not the video viewing type, read the blogged out version below]

5. The Jungle Book

In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, the Jungle Book was set to be playable, but was scrapped last minute. Sure through some hacking, you can access what was made, but why settle for a piece when we can have the whole thing? So why not add it into Kingdom Hearts III? In our opinion, it's a bear necessity.

4. Wreck It Ralph

Sure we already had Tron, a video game world, in past Kingdom Hearts games, but imagine one world, full of video game worlds, with video game characters, while playing a video game?! Excuse my run on sentence, but who doesn't want that?!

3. Marvel/Star Wars

The reason this is added as two is because you can't really put one on top of the other, especially when Disney bought both licenses. I know this sounds like something from someone's Tumbler page or Deviant Art, but wouldn't it be cool to have Sora and the gang swinging around with Spider-Man? Or get in a heated battle against Darth Vader on the Death Star? You gotta admit, that's a "force" to be reckoned with.

2. The Fox and the Hound

Just hear me out! We can follow Todd the fox and Copper the hound with 2 different stories. We could have Sora be with Todd while having Riku be with Copper. We'll learn the differences of each of their stories. That is what Kingdom Hearts is known for, the struggle between friendships and fighting for your friends.

1. Toy Story

Sora & the gang could get turned into toys and be in the first film where they go and save Woody and Buzz from Sid. If that doesn't do it for you then let's jump into Al's Toy Barn in the 2nd movie and save the toys from Zurg. Still not buying it? Ok then let's take them to the 3rd movie and save the toys from Latzo or relive that heart wrenching furnace scene.

If the developers add any of these worlds into Kindom Hearts III, then they've got a friend in me! :-)


What World Would You Like to See Most in Kingdom Hearts III?

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