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Amy Schumer is everywhere right now! You might recognize the comedienne from her appearance on Saturday Night Live, or her turn hosting the MTV Movie Awards. She is also the writer and star of the hit movie, Trainwreck, as well as her own Emmy award-winning Comedy Central series Inside Amy Schumer. These 10 gifs will reinforce what we all already know... Amy Schumer is our new queen!

10. She is very honest...

9. Maybe a little too honest.

8. She now owns Hollywood.

I can't wait for the new movie she is writing with J-Law! They'll be playing sisters!

7. She re-defines the "one glass" rule.

6. She feels the same way we do about exercise.

5. She is self-confident.

4. ... and hilarious (Duh).

3. She gets us!

2. She understands your love life.

1. We will wait for you, Amy!

All Hail the Queen! Amy's new HBO comedy special airs Saturday, October 17th on HBO.


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