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(Spoilers Regarding plot points of the Civil War story line)

The upcoming film [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) will finally feature the much awaited showdown between Captain America and Iron Man, with each contender backed by their own group of super powered supporters.

The third installment of Captain America films is going to pull heavily from Mark Millar's story line Civil War. In the story, the government passes the "Superhero Registration Act", which will force superheros to act under official regulation by the U.S. government, making superhero's akin to police officers. While Tony Stark agrees with this, Steve Rogers is firmly against it, believing that superheros should act out of freedom and not out of regulation. This disagreement between Captain America and Iron-Man leads to fellow superheros choosing sides and starting a civil war.

What I want to know is this:

If The Justice League Was Around, Whose Side Would They Choose?

Superman - Captain America

Superman has apposed authority on multiple occasions. He blatantly refuses to be a pawn of the government, which is part of the reason so many fans of the Man Of Steel have displayed a dislike for Frank Miller's version of Superman in The Dark Knight Returns. Superman doesn't take orders from government officials. He'll help, but on his terms.

Batman- Captain America

Batman knows the inherent danger of an out of control Justice League, as well as any other powerful being. What if one day they turned to crime? Or worse, used their power to wipe out humanity? Thus, Batman has compiled contingency plans to take everyone down if they ever went rogue. I doubt Batman would want the government in control of the most highly dangerous beings on the planet! Not to mention that he himself would never go along with whatever plan the government told him to follow. Batman prefers working solo and would stand against the Superhero Registration Act.

Wonder Woman - Iron Man

Wonder Woman was born and raised on an island of warriors among no men. She has lived most of her life taking orders and giving orders to others. She understands the need for structure and control. Would she rebel against the Superhero Registration Act? Perhaps, but I think given the circumstances she would go along with working for the government. If the government themselves turn bad however, she would end them outright.

Green Lantern - Neutral

Much like Thor, the Lanterns live and work within the Green Lantern Corps. They patrol the galaxy. They aren't guardians over a city like Batman or Superman. Although both Hal Jordan and John Stewart are known to work with the Justice League, there's a good chance they wouldn't get involved with the Superhero Registration Act, seeing as how the majority of their duties revolve around the outer reaches of the galaxy, though they may involve themselves in matters of the J.L.A.

Cyborg - Iron Man

Victor Stone grew up rebellious and irresponsible. It was only until his transformation into Cyborg that he felt a sense of power, responsibility and control. Even so, he was rejected by nearly everyone, including his girlfriend, friends and being disallowed from all sports and athletics. Although he eventually finds his way into the Teen Titans and later on into the Justice League, Victor might just be okay with working for a government under the preconception that he will be appreciated and acknowledged. Even the J.L.A. can take Victor for granted at times. Rebelling against them to work for a seemingly valuing government may be the deal breaker for Cyborg.

The Flash- Iron-Man

Barry Allen is the fastest man alive. He isn't the most mature however. He already works for the police as a forensic scientist and has been known to work with government officials from time to time. Barry can be selfish and out for attention. Working for the government and having your name all over the place probably wouldn't bother Barry. As long as everything stays civil and just, there's no doubt in my mind that Flash wouldn't feel bad working for both the Justice League and the government. Though the J.L.A. might feel differently about that.

Aquaman- Neutral

Arthur Curry is the king of Atlantis. He guards and rules over 70% of the planet. He has much bigger concerns to think about than the Superhero Registration Act. In fact, not only would he not get involved, he would hate both sides because of the inherent damage they would do to his kingdom through battle.

Who's side would you be on?


Are these sides on point or am I way off the mark?


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