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I've read way too many comics and watched too many movies to function in normal society.
Fred Blunden

Love downloading torrents of your favourite movies? Well, we can’t ever condone the practice as it hurts the industry we love, so we’re thrilled anytime movies become free to download legally.

A new way to watch movies!

Thankfully, the guys at Paramount have done just that. And it’s a very, very good thing. Some of the movies are likely to be ones you’ve never seen, or even heard of, but that’s brilliant as there are some classic gems. There’s movies like Daisy Miller, The World of Suzie Wong and Paris When It Sizzles, which are all classics in their own right as well as well-known movies like Grease and Titanic.

Modern Classics!

There’s modern classics there too like Bound and the hilariously strange Serving Sara. If you haven’t seen them, then they’re highly recommended.

“The channel gives fans the opportunity to discover and watch titles that may not be readily available anywhere else and because of the vast richness of our library we can regularly change and update the selections”- Amy Reinhard, President of Paramount’s Worldwide Television & Home Media Acquisitions.

If other studios follow suit, there could be a real (and free) alternative to subscription services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The way we watch TV and movies could be about to change forever again….


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