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The premier of AHS: Hotel was like porn with vampires. Literally! I mean really! BEWARE! The opening FX warning "VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED" abide by that cause' this episode, is raw!. Sex really cheapened it in my opinion. It really, really, did. I mean minus the rape scene. And uh.. oh yeah you read right, did it shock you a RAPE SCENE IS IN AMERICAN HORROR STORY?! Which just turns this reviewer completely off from this episode maybe even the series, i'd have to see if they clean up their act. On a lighter note, we find this very "The Shining" set up, especially the rug gave me flashbacks, which just tells me these new shows are building their fame by stealing from other classics, sad face:( for that. The premier otherwise contained twist and the right amount of insanity I love in television or the movies! OK, let's get started with the recap shall we? So we watch each person who enters the hotel whom "Iris [front desk lady] (Kathy Bates) doesn't like get sent to room 64, and for surely, they do not come out alive, and if they do, they won't leave the hotel alive!

Opening to these two foreign women, checking into"Hotel Cortez" (The shows setting). "Iris [front desk lady] (Kathy Bates)" sent them to a vacant room. The smell of death, potent in the hotel room. One of the girls smells the death. The other girl detects the smell of death's's in..THE MATTRESS! I have not seen this done before ever like this, this was a truly insane scene. A large stitch in the bed is revealed to the young women. Like I said before this is a cracked scene. The other girl, cuts the stitches from the bed, to release a deranged man from his captivity.

"Iris" took the girls into a "free of charge" room after the "incident". Now they were off 64! Where later we find two vampire kids sucking the blood out of one of the girls, the other runs in terror, but is later revealed to have been captured by the front desk lady joining her now conscious friend in (Saw) like cages forced to eat healthy food, to flush the continuous spew of drugs the two were taking prior to the kidnapping. (This situation reminded me of when Tobin Bell's character Jigsaw would torture people for their sins) Girl number one is let go by "Sally" (Sarah Paulson) but then killed by "The Countess" (Lady Gaga) (in a very John Carpenter's Vampires way), while she was making her escape. Begging the questions was the vampire kids just hallucinations or is girl number two a vampire now?

AHS: Hotel (Saw-Like trap)
AHS: Hotel (Saw-Like trap)

The middle of the film we are introduced to the main characters of the series. "Liz Taylor" (Denis O'Hare), "Hypodermic Sally" (Sarah Paulson), "The Countess" (Lady Gaga), "John Lowe" (Wes Bentley), "Donovan" (Matt Bomer), "Alex Lowe (Chloe Savigny), "Iris" (Kathy Bates) etc. John (Wes Bentley) is introduced investigating a macabre murder. A man had his tongue and eyes cut out of him with his hands pinned to the head-board along with a women (he was cheating on his wife with) topless and dead on top of him. To assure his suffering, while he cheated on his wife with a married women. Sounds pretty harsh, a divorce would be more fitting, no?

From there Detective Lowe had some time with his daughter "Scarlette" (Shree Crooks), when he gets a phone call that read it was from his wife but is soon revealed it was in truth from the killer. Detective Lowe races in his car to a police crowded home soon after. The killer manages to slip away un-shot. Detective Lowe's daughter escaped from the vehicle she was told to stay put in, to find a gory sight for any, dead bodies strung on the walls.! (Anybody getting ghost-face flashbacks?) He [John Lowe] later packs his things to go stay in "Hotel Cortez" to get as far way from his family as possible. He figured his family would be safe because the killer only wanted to kill, him. Despite his wife's efforts to keep him home. John's wife "Alex" (Chloe Savigny) is worrisome of her husbands departure because he's the only one that can emphasize with the tragedy of their son stolen off the Merry-go-round. Their son "Holland" was swiped from a carnival ride and his parents never seen him again, in a true Nancy Grace bombshell type story. Their son is later revealed to have been stolen by "The Countess" (Lady Gaga), now bit and like one of her children. Which all he does, is spook new guest along with the other kids in a (The Shining Grady Twins fashion), then goes into a secret room to play video games. Sooo yeah.

Hmmm what does this remind of?
Hmmm what does this remind of?
That's it! Stanley Kubert's "The Shining!
That's it! Stanley Kubert's "The Shining!

Iris now is now a nervous wreck because she, along with her adult son Donovan is being thrown out of the hotel by the new owner. Donovan on his way out was stopped by Iris, they went back and forth for maybe 20 seconds then "Iris" blurted out "I'm here because I need to see you everyday " his words back, "Time for you to let go". Which in turn sparked a sad-faced "Iris" and a flashback sequence to '1994'

The flashback consisted of Iris following her son after she been worried her son was doing drugs. So she finds him now with one of those druggies "Sally" (Sarah Paulson) and has to pay to get into the hotel. So now Iris finally barged into the hotel room turned drug den, to find her son left for dead on the bed, the women responsible "Sally" (Sarah Paulson) not giving a damn stating "I took the same sh!t and I am more then fine" as she storms out with the wad of cash unconscious boy gave her in return for the "dope". In pure surprise to "Sally" she's knocked out of the 10 plus story picture window of the colossal hotel, to her death. Who pushed her you may ask? "Iris"! In true poetic justice. "Iris" walks back into the room of her son's untimely death. She finds "The Countess" (Lady Gaga), hanging over her son in a true "Twilight" fashion. Assumingly bites him bringing him back as her (The Countess Lady Gaga) lover! Which begs the questions

Is Sarah Paulson's character this season a ghost?

Detective John Lowe checked into room 64 "Hotel Cortez" will he ever find his boy?...

Review- Sex made it trashy. Minus the scenes it was Entertaining.

-Noah Manginelli


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