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Dominique Wallace

We all know them; Leatherface, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger. The 80's BOOGEYMEN

But do any of us ever ask where they have been with all of the remakes and reboots of their "legends" constantly coming out I've always asked myself "where is the original man behind the Face... Mask, Glove ?"

Today i received some updates from a few i hope you felt they were as riveting as i did

Thomas "Bubba" Saywer A.K.A. Leatherface

After years of dealing with Gender Identity Disorder, Thomas.... i mean Tiffany Sawyer (sorry Tiffany) left Texas to go through hormone therapy and finally got gender reassignment surgery. During my interview with her she told me "she'll always be a proud Texan and she'll never forget her family's lessons." Afterwards she offered me some of the best barbecue i ever ate, but i forgot to ask what it was......

Jason Voorhees

Jason Elias Voorhees, The "Ghost" of Crystal Lake. Dealing with the lost of his mother and crippling hydrophobia. Jason was known to lash out at people at the campground he spent many summers. Social services finally got involved and put him with a court mandated therapist, after years of therapy Jason learned to overcome his anger from his lost and fear of water. Camp Crystal Lake has welcomed him back as the new swimming instructor. i told him his mother would be proud being a man of few words all he said was "mama"

Frederick Charles "Freddy" Krueger

"I love the Primetime, Bitch"

Freddy was living the superstar lifestyle multi-Talented actor/musician. Star of Film and Television, contributer in both rap and rock albums and connoisseur of other activities... (Cough cough child killing dream demon). Freddy was top dog for a long time then the great snag hit him "The 90's." People weren't afraid of what he was dishing anymore he aimed for a comeback and it faltered. He plans a big comeback only time will tell


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