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Dylan Christopher Kimmell

The story that caused massive amounts of people to panic and commit suicide all for nothing! You would think people would be smart and not so gullible. That is not the case when you are talking about the radio adaptation of the War Of The Worlds, but how does it fair against its film adaptations? As much as I would love to compare the two, I simply can't. I have not seen either the 1953 film nor the 2005 film starring Tom Cruise. What I can tell you is that people did not go in a panic cause they thought the local newsboy was an alien who has come to probe them.

I can also tell you what a great influence the tale has had, as have many other HG Wells stories, on the science fiction genre. Everyone has heard of War of the Worlds more so than any other HG Wells novels. The most interesting thing that I have found about the War of The Worlds adaptations, is that an adaptation happens near a time of tension, such as the 1938 adaptation was around the time of the Munich Crisis, 1953 adaptation was the time of the Cold War, and 2005's adaptation was the time of the War on Terror.

I suppose it is safe to assume that War of the Worlds is a warning sign that sort of event, such as a war, is about to occur. HG Wells' novels often have had a prediction about the future that have been right in some retrospects and War of the Worlds is no different. Let's not dabble in that though, cause I don't want to get political, especially when I know very little about politics. What I will talk about is how War of the Worlds has inspired many of the future sci-fi alien invasion stories. Most recently, I would say, it had not inspired, but more so, cameoed in the beginning half of the third installment to Men in Black 3, and I would highly doubt we would even have the alien disaster movie epic known as Independence Day, which is to have a sequel with Jeff Goldblum returning, and who doesn't love Jeff Goldblum?


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