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So we are now into October, which means Halloween is round the corner as well as the highly anticipated Starz show, Ash vs Evil Dead, which sees Bruce Campbell return as Ash Williams. Even though it hasn't even aired yet, director/writer Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell have already spoken about what they'd like to see in future episodes, incluing which actors they'd like to include. Campbell told MovieBuzzers:

I’d use a lot of them. I’d get Robert Englund in there, Kane Hodder, all the guys I run into in the green room at these conventions. [William] Shatner, I’d get him, whoever. But I’d like to get a lot of the genre people in. I don’t want to exclude them at all.

Raimi was also keen on the idea:

Sure, why not? Those guys are really great actors...I think it’s a great idea as long as they’re right for the role.

If the appearances are done right, I think it'll be an exciting oppurtunity for the series. Raimi or Campbell haven't said whether Englund or Hodder would appear as their famous counter-parts, but I personally think it could work; again, if done right. At the same time, the series hasn't even aired yet, so we'll see where Ash vs Evil Dead takes us first before thinking about introducing horror icons from different cinematic universes.

Ash vs Evil Dead airs on Starz on Halloween, and the first trailer can be seen below:


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