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Sonny Crockett
Marvel does there thing great too. My Friend, I must disagree with you on Snyder's Man Of Steel. First, Cavill wasn't Superman for 3/4's of the film and to compare him with more experienced versions of the character, isn't fair. Most of all, Christopher Reeve in the one and only Donner film, gave us the quintessential and unforgettable version of the character. But I, like many am totally done with that bronze-age, Jimmy Olsen's pal, "Luthor, you snake!", semi-camp version of Superman. Snyder gave us a more human version, whereby trust doesn't come easy, where anxiety and fear of what he can do with all this power creeps into his mind, while not yet knowing just how powerful he really can be. Superman suffers from the same things we all do, thus making him more relatable and relevant again. Funny, when Superman Returns was released, critics slammed it for being boring and lacking action (agreed), but also that it lacked creativity, imagination and that it was much to much of an homage to the Donner classic, wondering why such an iconic and loved character such as Superman didn't get better treatment with new ideas. Snyder created something new and brilliant in Superman. The King is dead; long live the King...Can't wait to see what the whole tapestry of that universe is like when Snyder is finished...Be well...

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