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Before I say anything I would like to confess I haven't seen every episode of every season but I have seen enough to have my opinions! I will be carrying on watching them all when I get an opportunity to!

Okay so first off a general review of the show! I have really enjoyed what I have seen so far! I really enjoy the fact that they are freaky and a bit gruesome! Although some parts really freak me out like the child abuse and occasional raping I don't find the show to be scary! There aren't enough jumpscares and scary faces that make me jump out of my skin for me to give the show a 10/10 but the show is very gruesome which is enjoyable to my dark sense of humor! I also really enjoy that you don't have to watch from season 1 you can start from any season and it all make sense!

Murder House:

From what I have seen of murder house it is a very good concept and the actors have done a great job but there are so many random out of the blue characters who don't make any sense! I love all the emotional scenes and how impacting they are but it always gets ruined by some gross or horrific event happening! I'm only on episode 4 of murder house but i'm sure when I get further in some parts will make more sense to me!


Now if i'm being honest I haven't yet seen asylum but from what i've heard it is the best season yet!


Like asylum I haven't seen any episodes yet as i'm still on murder house but i've heard that it's not the best and it's not scary enough!

Freak Show:

Now I have seen the first 6 episodes of freak show and I love it! I have really enjoyed all the characters and I almost died at how cute the character Ma Petite was! The storyline is great and the portrayal is even better! If I had to say anything negative about it I would only be able to say that there are some parts that are disturbing for example when Twisty takes off the mouth mask and reveals his real mouth!


Now as i'm in the UK I haven't had the chance to see the first episode as of yet but as soon as I can I will be watching!

I would definitely recommend the show to anyone who gets the chance to watch at least one season!


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