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I'm a student at an awesome university! I love everything Harry Potter & The Avengers! If it's on tv or in the movie theaters I've probably

At a recent Reddit AMA Ronda Rousey put it out there that she would like to play Captain Marvel. According to Marvel's official website, Captain Marvel has the ability to fly, is extremely strong, and can shoot energy from her hands. Although Rousey doesn't have powers such as flight and the ability to shoot energy from her hands, she is extremely strong. She even won the award for Best Fighter at the ESPYs.

Obviously Captain Marvel is a very strong character and Ronda Rousey has even taken down her rivals in less than a minute, which is pretty awesome! Not only is the internet exploding at the idea of her playing Captain Marvel, but she seems to be excited as well. On her Instagram she posted a couple pictures of fan art that were sent to her stating that she "couldn't pick just one".

I would love to see her as Captain Marvel, but maybe after she has had a little bit more acting experience. We've seen other fighters break out as actors or actresses, like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, so maybe she has a shot!


Do you think Ronda Rousey should be Captain Marvel?


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