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Harshit Bansal
"Ain't no party like a Pop Culture Party cause a Pop Culture Party don't stop!"

The guest list is ready:

1. Shahrukh Khan

The king of Bollywood would be the perfect host for the evening. His unmatchable wit and killer sense of humour would be the perfect blend to keep the party entertained at all times. Meanwhile, all his fans can sit in the party and just look at him and think whether it's a dream or reality. Which brings me to my next guest.

2. Christopher Nolan

Who doesn't want to have a little chat with one of the most insightful, creative and visionary minds alive? Nolan's presence in the party would electrify the atmosphere, and deep conversations about the meaning of life, depths of Universe, and possibilities of human imagination would be a common sight.

3. Arya Stark

I'm not saying that I want the most badass character ever to be present in my party. I'm just saying that I want 'no one' to be present there. She can not only keep the party alive by her sardonic wit and sharp looks, but can also kill people for me if I find someone really annoying. Who doesn't want to see some sword action anyway?

4. Walter White and Jesse Pinkman

They only come in a pair. Alright, probably not in Gustavo Fring's party but definitely in mine. One knows the business, and the other knows the chemistry. And I could use some of both for my party, in addition to Jesse's amiability and Walt's potential to find a scientific solution to any kind of problem. As it goes without saying, 2 gentlemen with a favorite catchphrase like "Let's cook" are not such a bad choice anyway.

5. Hermoine Granger

Saved the last one for the best. Imagine a scenario where I need the Sofa to be levitated in the party. Or another where I want to unlock a cupboard but don't have the keys. What do I do? Well, I need not worry since Hermoine Granger is in the guest list. Moreover, she will come up with cool games to play in the party and help me in maintaining order in the party if things start going wrong.

P.S. Don't tell Hermoine but I've secretly been working on preparing the love potion. This party is going to change my life.


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