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The second part of our second two-parter this series aired last night! And, I must say, it was a whopper!... Not the Burger King burger by the way… You know, you can buy exactly the same meal from Burger King as you can at McDonalds, but BK charges you almost double the cost of Maccies? Isn’t that ridiculous!

Anyway! If you read my previous review on the first half of this story you’ll know how I feel about the premise, the characters, the plot and many other things that really haven’t changed this week, so if you wanna know how I feel about those things than please familiarise yourself with this link!,manual

That opening!

Flippin’ Norah, I loved that opening! The Doctor actually properly explaining time travel without an “it’s a bit like this, but it’s not, but if that helps then yes!” It was clear and understandable. No, I don’t believe that the Doctor is Beethoven, it’s just a Parable… And No! I’m not saying the Doctor is Jesus either… but… you never know…

And the way he just picks up his guitar, plays the 5th and goes over the theme song… An electric guitar over the Doctor Who theme song is something I’ve never asked for but never hoped for… And I am literally the happiest son of a gun in the universe.

After the opening credits we have basically two time lines, two story lines running at once, and if you read my review on ‘The Witch’s Familiar’, you’d know I love!

The Base

When the Doctor leaves to go back in time with Bennett and O’Donnell the base is left with Clara (ugh), Lunn (yay) and Cass (double yay!). Here it was pretty much the same as last week’s episode, running from ghosts… which wasn’t a bad thing; the ghosts were very well made, the whole tone of the scenes were dark and scary and it really felt like you were confined underwater, with the extra added addition of the Doctor’s Ghost! I really loved Cass in this, as I said last week; the whole scene when she couldn’t hear the Ghost behind her until she feels the vibrations through the floor! It was great, reminded me a bit of Daredevil!

Before the Flood

The Doctor, O’Donnell and Bennet go back to the town before it was flooded to see how the Ghosts came to be and we find one of the Ghosts, Prentis the alien undertaker still alive, we find that the space ship is a Herse holding the Fisher King, Prentis’ previous overlord. I loved all this detail that wasn’t intrinsic to the plot, even the fact that the military town was a fake Russian town for Cold War training!

There was a moment that I loved where the Doctor tried to leave this time period but couldn’t and ended up back to where he previously landed meaning that there were two Doctor’s at the same time. I liked this, we haven’t seen time travel hijinks like this for a very very long time!

The Villain

I liked the villain, the Fisher King. He has a very scary presence, a great voice (Neil Fingleton) and an awesome scream (Corey Taylor, lead singer of Slipknot). However, I did feel he was wasted. He had like two minutes screen time and I didn’t like the fact that he wanted to take over the earth. I would have been much happier with that he was killing people, using ghosts just to get someone to give him a lift.

The Conclusion

Again, it was a rushed Doctor Who classic conclusion. Turns out the Doctor goes back in time, drowns the fisher king by creating the flood by somehow traveling all the way to the damn with a giant battery from the ship. And it’s the Doctor’s body that’s in the suspended animation chamber and his ghost was actually a hologram. I was pretty disappointed with this ending. It was pretty predictable took 2 minutes to wrap up and the whole hologram was a bit dumb; like, how was he projecting the hologram? How did he get it to travel so far? Or set a timer for it to turn on in the future?

I did really enjoy this episode, it was wall-to-wall action throughout and you were always engaged and speculating. The pacing, the music, the special effects were spot on as well. And I thoroughly enjoyed the beginning and the new theme (which I hope sticks). The only disappointments were the Villain and the conclusion, which were pretty big elements that were wasted. So I’m going to give this episode another 8/10. Doctor Who only needs a couple more things to be perfect!



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