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Shane Meadows brilliant This is England series returned to television screens in the UK last month and it was as brutal and hard hitting as we have come to expect.

A very short four episode series that was based around the four seasons of the year: Summer being festival season etc. All our favourite loveable if slightly disturbed characters return, including reformed racist Combo who is released from jail after taking the blame for the murder of Lol's dad in the previous series. Milky, who Combo racially abused and scarred for life in the original This is England feature film, is not happy when he finds out that Lol and Woody has invited Combo to live with them when he is released.

Festival season
Festival season

As usual Meadows doesn't shy away from the controversial issues but he also manages to get a fair amount of laughs in between the dark, gritty and sometimes hard to watch storyline.

With it being set in 1990 there is the backdrop music from The Stone Roses the beginning of Ecstasy culture in the UK.

Brilliantly done from start to finish and not a minute wasted as every scene has you on the edge of your seat constantly expecting another shocking moment.

With only four episodes This Is England is more about quality than quantity but another stormer from the incredibly talent Shane Meadows and should go down as one of the best TV series's produced in the UK.

9/10 and would have been 10 if it was longer. The four hour long episodes just make you want to see more.


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