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"The Inhabitants" is a new horror film about married couple Jessica and Dan (Elise Couture and Michael Reed) who are renovating an old bed and breakfast. As most horror movies like this go, once the renovations begin, creepy and sinister things begin to happen. The happen to Jessica, in particular, who does the most uncovering and exploring of spooky crawl spaces.

Crawl spaces are always bad news. Always.

From what I understand, Jessica becomes possessed by the malevolent spirit in the house and her husband, Dan, attempts to figure out why these things are happening and how to stop them.

"The Inhabitants," written and directed by Michael and Shawn Rasmussen, has some similarities to older horror films from the 1970s in style. The camera movements and lighting in the film make the movie feel older than it is, I kind of dig it, though.

As far as the story goes, it’s your classic ghost/possession kind of story with a fun twist at the end (which I will not spoil). The only thing I wanted more of in the film was backstory on the connection between the March Carriage House (the bed and breakfast) the entity in the house. It’s clear it’s the same woman who makes the spooky appearances throughout the film, I would just like a little more clarification on who she is, and how she is connected to the house.

The film is definitely of the slow-burn, tension-building variety, which is typically what I prefer when it comes to horror. I would definitely recommend The Inhabitants if you also enjoy the more subtle type of horror.

"The Inhabitants" will be available on various VOD platforms (like Amazon Video, iTunes, Google Play, and various cable providers) on October 13th. Happy viewing!

You can watch my review of "The Inhabitants" below!


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