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Season 2 of Star Wars Rebels promises the return of some iconic characters from [Star Wars: The Clone Wars](tag:200641), but one particular connection to the first computer animated Star Wars TV show remains rather vague. Ace Twi'lek pilot Hera Syndulla acts as her Rebel crew's voice of reason, and outruns Imperials in a manner that would make Han Solo blush; she's also the daughter of Clone Wars-era freedom fighter Cham Syndulla -- who most recently appeared in the Lords of the Sith novel by Paul S. Kemp.

Cham Syndulla during The Clone Wars
Cham Syndulla during The Clone Wars

Without giving away any major spoilers, the elder Syndulla's current whereabouts are unknown in the Rebels timeline, but Hera's voice actress Vanessa Marshall (who also stars as Gamora in the new Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon) teased some closure in season 2, as well as a better look at the relationship between father and daughter:

You’ll learn more about her piloting, and how she came to be such a good pilot. You’ll also learn about her family history, with her father, Cham — and it’s really exciting to have him come back and get a greater sense of why she risks everything for this cause, and why she wouldn’t do it by her Dad’s side.

Interesting! While some might assume that Cham may have died under the rule of the Empire on the constantly enslaved Ryloth -- an easy prompt for Hera to join the Rebels -- it seems as though the story is much more nuanced and complicated than that. The fact that Hera seems to willingly separate herself from her father (who may not be dead, after all) suggests something of a rift between the two, or perhaps a difference in ideals.

In The Clone Wars, Cham focused specifically on the freedom of people of Ryloth; now, Hera must convince her Jedi companion Kanan to think about a broader picture, and to save the galaxy. Perhaps Hera's heroics didn't quite line up with what her father had in mind.

Star Wars Rebels returns to Disney XD on October 14th.


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