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The new NBC series Blindspot has only aired three episodes and it is already doing better than most new shows do. After garnering a total of 9.6 million views, it is one of the top rated series currently on TV. Now NBC has called for another 9 episodes on top of the already scheduled 13 to make it into the first full series order for a brand new show in the 2015-16 lineup.

But the fact that other people are watching it is not the reason you need to. This is why you need to:

1) It's not your ordinary crime show.

Blindspot is, yes, another FBI crime show but it is so far unlike the other crime shows that you might expect it to be. It focuses on a woman who goes by Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander) who has drug induced amnesia and thus no memory of who she was but can remember the basic things in life like how to walk, talk, and knows general information about the world; just nothing about herself. She was found by the FBI in a duffel bag, naked and covered in tattoos, one containing the name of FBI agent Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapelton). It is later discovered that each of her tattoos contains information about future attacks. The released episodes are about the team finding out who Jane Doe really is and also figuring out how to decode her tattoos before more people are killed. But there's also the mystery of who she is and the chance that her and Weller might have a past together- and possibly a romantic future?

2) The characters are really cool.

Weller is your typical badass FBI cop who is always saving the day but he has this side that is protective and gentle that you see when he takes care of Jane. And then there's Jane herself. You end up sympathizing with Jane Doe and rooting for her along this journey that she has been put on. But she is not just a damsel in distress waiting for the FBI to fix her problem. She has some tricks up her sleeve that prove she is a force to be reckoned with and she becomes a huge asset to the team that is working on the mystery that is on her body.


The actual tattoos on Jane Doe's body are really very beautiful. It's like an art piece on her body because the tattoos are not ugly per se they are all different shapes and colors woven together in a pattern. And the fact that there are hidden messages in each of those tattoos is mind boggling because how can they figure out what each means before time runs out?

While this premise might sound a little crazy, the writing and the characters keep your attention. It's fascinating to think about how this is going to end! Sound interesting? Trust me, it is.

Catch Blindspot Mondays at 9PM on NBC!


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