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Video Games and movies have been fighting for our attention for as long as we can remember. But as the storylines in video games grow more complex with developers like Telltale Games, Naughty Dog, and Rocksteady breathing new life in set universes like The Walking Dead and Batman, movies can't help wanting in on some of the best plot lines in media. Lucky for us movie goers, the major studios have realized the virtual goldmine video game adaptations can be, and we as consumers get to reap the benefits by seeing our favorite games on the silver screen. Here are 4 to keep you eyes out for over the next couple years...

The Angry Birds Movie

Basing a movie on a series of puzzle games where you shoot birds at pigs would have sounded ridiculous 5 years ago, but Sony Pictures has made every attempt to set Angry Birds up as a viable children's movie franchise. By using a franchise that doesn't have an overly complicated storyline already set, it has left script writer Jon Vitti, who has written for Ice Age and The Simpsons Movie, open to make the plot and story whatever he wants. With Jason Sudeikis, Kate McKinnon, and Peter Dinklage all in the cast, this will definitely be something to look out for!

The Borderlands Movie

It was announced early this year that Lionsgate had obtained the rights to Borderlands and is currently planning to make a movie. Although these first-person shooter games don't spoon feed you story and plot, the story that is there is incredible. Not only that, the add-on story that Telltale games has recently released, titled Tales from the Borderlands, shows one of the many untold stories from Pandora. Much hasn't been announced about who will write, direct, or star in this movie but keep a look out for more about the upcoming Pandorian picture.

The Five Nights at Freddy's Movie

The Five Nights at Freddy's Phenomena hit us in August of last year. Within that year, the gaming community was introduced to some of the most mysterious lore and a new type of storytelling from Scott Cawlthon, a type where those who seek the truth within the game will find one of the most heartbreaking stories in gaming. With the next release of the game expected out on Halloween and a lot of the fourth installment's enigmas yet to be discovered, fans are chomping at the bit for more lore. Hopefully Warner Bros will deliver more clarity with the upcoming Five Nights at Freddy's movie. There's not much to know about the movie, other than Scott Cawlthon will be involved in the production alongside director Gil Kenan, notorious for "Monster House" and "City of Ember". He has been teasing pictures of the animatronics of his Instagram. The hope with this movie is that it will deliver answers to fan who desperately seek them, while also introducing new people to the series.

The Uncharted Movie

With the last installment of "Uncharted" saga set to be released in 2016, fans may not be ready to let go of Nathan Drake. Sony has delivered and has announced a movie based on the Naughty Dog series. Despite opposition from the original voice of Drake, Nolan North, this film does have the potential to bring another story to add to the Drake Chronicles. The only information that has been released about this movie so far is the release date, June 30, 2017, but we can always speculate on who will take the role of Nathan Drake.

We live in a fantastic time to be a gamer because the developers who create them are now treating them with the same seriousness as major motion pictures. Because of that, translating games into films should be more successful than attempts in the past. As long as there is respect from the filmmakers towards the original source content, we can expect fantastic movies with our favorite game characters soon!


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